Friday, March 3rd, 2006

JS Sorcerer: Check your JS code

Category: JavaScript, Utility

JS Sorcerer is a product that watches over your JavaScript code:

It performs syntax checking, variable type and flow analysis on standalone JavaScript files, and provides type-safe linking for applications and projects that consist of multiple JavaScript files. It detects and reports errors at compile time, eliminating the need to invoke a browser simply to catch syntax and typographical errors. It incorporates an extensive catalog of browser idiosyncrasies, and produces effective cross-browser code from DOM-compliant JavaScript, allowing developers to ignore browser incompatibility issues.

There is an online test drive, and you can get an Eclipse plugin as well as a standalone solution.

JS Sorcerer Testdrive

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:35 pm

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Well, I guess if you really need a typo checker, go for it. Seriously though, what’s the point if you’re not running the app inside the browser your building it for?

Comment by Luke Karisny — March 3, 2006

Another trick is to switch on “strict” warnings in Firefox (about:config, then filter on “strict”)

Comment by Patrick Fitzgerald — March 3, 2006


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Trackback by JavaScript++ã?‹ã‚‚日記 — March 4, 2006

Way to go. This thing throws bogus messages left and right, it is useless.

Comment by Martin Bialasinski — March 4, 2006

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