Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

JSEclipse 1.5 released

Category: Java, JavaScript, Toolkit

JSEclipse (covered here previously) has released version 1.5, with a host of new features:

Code completion

  • Supports most common JavaScript coding idioms and features from major JavaScript libraries like Dojo and Prototype
  • Uses Rhino for better understanding of JavaScript code
  • Only suggests code from the current project
  • Makes use of JSdoc and inline parameter comments to infer the parameter types


  • New code templates brings this very useful Eclipse feature to JavaScript editing
  • Occurrence marker feature to show all instances of a term
  • Better content outline view made possible by the improvements in the code completion engine

Editing assistance

  • Code editing helpers make life easier by automatically closing braces, quotes and using smart indenting
  • Edit in JSEclipse feature makes possible the quick extraction of code from HTML documents
  • Support multiline comment indentation character

Other changes

  • JSEclipse is now compatible with JRE 1.4.
  • A survey targeted to JSEclipse users was launched.
  • Commercial licensing options were introduced.

JSEclipse is free to try and free for non-commercial use, and $29 for a single commercial license.

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 10:05 am

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It’s a good news for js developer using Eclipse .
Eclipse has a dojo plugin too.

Comment by linb — March 22, 2006

We’ve actually released 1.5.1 today with some fixes and support for qooxdoo


Comment by Alexandru COSTIN — March 22, 2006

Can the “free” version of Eclipse be used to develop “free”/CC/GPL/BSD/PD code that might end up in commercial products?

Comment by Stephen Clay — March 23, 2006

Stephen; yes, eclipse (and the vast majority of open source software) can be used to create commercial software without violating any licensing agreements. where that code goes next is determined by how you license it.

Comment by jeremiah johnson — March 23, 2006

Can this plugin work with RAD which is Eclipse based IDE

Comment by David Smith — September 21, 2006

Hi, I downloaded the JSEclipse and the instructions said to extract the files into the relevant folders (features and plugins). However, I noticed that most of my plugins reside in their own folder, but the interakt zip file did not have the .jar files within folders. Anyway, I followed the instructions but it did not work. Finally I found an editor on Sourceforge called Teniga which did work. The only problem I have found with Teniga is that it does not handle multiple .js files. For example, I use the Sarissa library which defines the Sarissa object, but because the Sarissa.js library is external to the source.js file I am working on, all references to Sarissa are flagged as a warning. What does everyone else use to develop their Javascript applications? It almost reminds me of the old pre-IDE days of C compilers where simple syntax checking utilities are essential.

Comment by Steve Harris — October 31, 2006

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