Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

JSEclipse: JavaScript Editor with Code Completion

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Joe Walker now has a new favourite JavaScript editor in JSEclipse.

JSEclipse is obviously an Eclipse plugin, that has features such as:

  • Code completion for JavaScript function and classes.
  • Code completion for JavaDoc.
  • Function and class names are displayed in the Outline panel for the currently open file.
  • Open declaration
  • Error reporting
  • Warning reporting
  • Code wrap

What surprised Joe, was that some of the completions seemed to be not possible to him. They “appear to work based on usage – it remembers how an object is used and completes based on that.”

This proves that completion can be possible in dynamic languages.

Joe was also impressed with how it grokked JavaScript taken to the extreme.

Read Joe’s mini review


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Ooooh, just one word:

Comment by JSRoolz — September 27, 2005

The outline panel doesn’t work with object-oriented JS like that :

MyObject.prototype.myMethod = function() {


(it works with JSEditor plugin)

Comment by arn — September 27, 2005

Notepad++ (http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net) does code completion for its supported languages. While it’s not Eclipse by any means, it’s a much lighter-weight solution for places where Eclipse would be overkill.

Comment by Brent Ashley — September 27, 2005

Uh, of course Joe likes Eclipse for Javascript.

He is a Java guy :-)

What about the rest of the programming world?

Comment by Dru Nelson — September 27, 2005


Eclipse works with a ton of other languages, you realize? Thats the beauty of the plugin model.

Comment by Rob — September 27, 2005

Dreamweaver good use something like this too!

Comment by Tinus — September 28, 2005

Very nice! Works great!

Could this be the best Javascript editor available? Anyone know of better ones?

Comment by Steve — September 28, 2005

Has anyone tried this new JS-Sorcerer Eclipse plugIn for JavaScript?


Comment by Eleanor — September 28, 2005

I tried the online demo on dhitechnologies.com and it seemed to catch a few errors. Did the full-blown download malfunction for you or the online thing?

Comment by Eleanor — October 5, 2005

[…] JSEclipse (covered here previously) has release version 1.5, with a host of new features: […]

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Pingback by Superfluo — March 22, 2006

Unfortunately JSEclipse does not seem to be installable. Bummer.

Comment by Brentholio — October 10, 2006

Yes, on Eclipse 3.2.1 it JSEclipse will NOT work.

This has been the case for some time. Look for other alternatives.

Comment by jim — December 5, 2006

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