Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

jsFiddle: a Web playground

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Piotr Zalewa has created a really great playground, jsFiddle, for testing sample code and playing with the Web. With an area for the holy trinity of the Web (HTML, CSS, JS) and an output region, you can get right to hacking.

It goes beyond this though. You can also add resources, an Ajax echo backend, and auto load from a slew of JavaScript frameworks.

You can also check out the examples and see great stuff such as Processing in action.

And the finishing touch, share and embed.

Piotr wrote all of this using CodeMirror and MooTools. Nice! Having worked on Bespin, and developed a playground like this (looking forward to show a new mobile one soon!) I appreciate the work!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:57 am

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No ExtJS support?

Comment by turingtest — February 23, 2010

Nice alternative to JSBin. The embed feature is really nice!

Comment by gabel — February 23, 2010

To support ExtJS, wouldn’t they have to pay a lot of money?

Comment by sos — February 23, 2010

I’ve got to say, this has been really useful to the MooTools community, so much so that using MooShell or JSFiddle has become the de facto method of illustrating and solving difficulties on the mailing list. Great to see it getting some coverage on Ajaxian, too.

Comment by barryvan — February 23, 2010

I’m pretty sure that if your project is open-source and non-commercial, ExtJS is free to use under the GPLv3.


Comment by ajaxery — February 23, 2010

That’s the limitation I can’t promise.
I think I will contact them as it is better for them to have ExtJS on jsFiddle.

Comment by zalun — February 23, 2010

Great that Ajaxian recognized you Piotr, jsFiddle is definitely best of breed for js playground/shell apps. I use it all the time, the rest of you should give it a try because it’s slick as hell!

Comment by csuwldcat — February 23, 2010

This looks AWESOME. Saves me having to maintain a test directory on my server and FTP in with Emacs just to check whether something works in JavaScript or not.

Comment by Skilldrick — February 23, 2010

Cool stuff, this will come in handy. Why not use Bespin as the editor instead?

Comment by Spocke — February 23, 2010

love it, mooshell is the most useful tool ever.

Comment by christoff — February 23, 2010

Bespin is not working on all browsers (yet?)

Comment by zalun — February 23, 2010

So awesome to see a framework-independent mooshell.
View-only (no editing) on iphone, but it does work great in IE.

Comment by rdza — February 23, 2010

Great design, and cool idea.
but although its coolness, I can’t see myself
using it, instead of just code in firebug console :)

Comment by vsync — February 24, 2010

@ExtAnimal – it’s working fine now – there was a console bug.

We’ve added the ExtJS Core from Google Ajax Api

Comment by zalun — February 24, 2010

A mobile version would be phenomenally tricky, given the multitude of quirks with JS on handsets.

Get it right, though, and you’ll clean up. I shall be watching with interest.

Comment by communicatedesign — February 25, 2010

I’ve been using JsBin and just tested JSFiddle. I now like JSFiddle the best.

Comment by G13Media — May 20, 2010

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