Friday, January 19th, 2007

JsHttpRequest: Low level Ajax library

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Dmitry Koterov has written JsHttpRequest a light wrapper on top of XHR and friends that features:

  • Cross-browser compatibility. Library works with IE5.0+, Mozilla 1.7+, FireFox 1.0+, Opera 7.3+, Safari (“+” means “in specified and newer versions”). By this token, code could work without ActiveX and XMLHttpRequest support (but if these capabilities are avalilable, they are used automatically).
  • File uploads from user browser to the server without page reloading.
  • Full support of PHP debug features. If server-side script fails on an error (including fatal error, e.g., call of undefined function), client-side script can handle it correctly and show diagnostics. Besides response data, it is passed the output flow of server-side script which contains PHP error messages.
  • Multi-dimensional data structures exchange (JSON analog) in client request and server responce. At that, are used the standard PHP instruments — multi-dimensional associative arrays (request data avaliable at $_REQUEST, response data may be saved to $_RESULT), as well as JavaScript standard capabilities — nested objects and properties. No XML in the level of API: you work with “native” language variables.
  • PHP session support using usual way.
  • Optimal data loading method choosing (XMLHttpRequest, Microsoft.XMLHTTP, <SCRIPT>, <IFRAME>) depending on current browser. In particular, ability to load data from foreign hosts.
  • Interface is compatible with XMLHttpRequest.


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Looks good. There is too many bloated, over the top libraries. I’ve been looking for some good lightweight examples that wont effect performance as much.

I’ll give this a shot!

Comment by Dougal Matthews — January 19, 2007

It’s been around for quite a while, actually. Just never got out from the Russian developers community of It is nice to see that we get wider recognition ;)

Comment by Vasili Sviridov — January 19, 2007

Wow, I wonder how somebody has the same ideas as me: – soon vailable in English.

Comment by Andi — January 20, 2007

I tried many times to write to Ajaxian webmaster asking to update this library description. But they haven’t updated yet. So, I post news here.

The new version 5.0 of JsHttpRequest – easy-to-use cross-browser AJAX library with uploading support – is ready. Most significant changes:

* Compatibility with Prototype. Library JsHttpRequest could be used as its server part in PHP. Even so, all additional features of JsHttpRequest (cross-browser compatibility, file uploading support, work with national charsets etc.) are still available.
* Fully automatic regression test suite. As a result – even better and guaranteed cross-browser compatibility.
* Library code is now module-based. You may switch off unneeded loading methods to shrink the JS file size. By default library supports and automatically chooses one of 3 different loading methods: SCRIPT (most cross-browser method, works when no XMLHttpRequest nor ActiveX is present); XML (native loader); FORM (for transparent file uploading). But if you do not need some of these method, you may choose a shrinked library version: JsHttpRequest-script.js (8K only!), JsHttpRequest-xml.js etc. or compose your own version manually – module separation is very clear. See JsHttpRequest/mini/
* Support and “transparent” work with any character encoding (including any national). You may write your scripts in a usual way, library will take care about everything else.
* Library code is now compressed using dojomin utility, size is lowered greatly.
* Automatical support for PHP’s native JSON functions (if available). This speeds up 3 times the execution in PHP 5.2.
* XML loader now returns valid JSON. There is no reference to loading ID in this format.
* New documentation: easy to understand tutorial ( ) and protocol specifications ( ).

Comment by Dmitry Koterov — August 23, 2007

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