Monday, October 20th, 2008

jslibs – free JavaScript of browser limitations

jslibs is a way to use JavaScript on the command line using Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey. It provides wrappers for a lot of common libraries normally accessed through PHP or Python like image manipulation, packing or sound, animation and video through ogg vorbis and openGL. You also get access to SQLite Databases with a special wrapper.

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 6:22 am

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Woooohoooo, finally!

Comment by rizqi — October 20, 2008


Comment by aLe — October 20, 2008

the syntax still gives me the creeps (capital letters for functions), but functionality-wise this is great. Congratulations riz, this should have been posted a lot earlier.

Comment by Hans Schmucker — October 20, 2008

I think that capital letters for functions is a minor issue and can be changed quite easily.

Comment by soubok — October 20, 2008

Yes it is minor… just teasing a bit. It’s really a great piece of work and while I don’t agree with all decisions (everybody has preferences) that doesn’t mean that this is not a great project.

Comment by Hans Schmucker — October 20, 2008

oOo, very nice.

Comment by Tr0y — October 20, 2008

Good starting to JS world!
Keep going!

Comment by KKFC — October 20, 2008

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