Monday, June 30th, 2008

JSON Diff Released

Category: JSON, Utility

Tom Robinson has built a useful utility, JSON Diff, which gives you a graphical look at the difference.


Changed portions are displayed in yellow. Additions are displayed in green. Deletions are displayed in red.

The visualization is live itself, so you can move around the nodes using the triangles.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:11 am

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Not sure why it restricts itself to just JSON, but very handy! Thanks.

Comment by richtaur — June 30, 2008


too much recursion
typeofReal(“v”)jsondiff (line 127)
compareTree(“v”, null, “0”, li)jsondiff (line 53)
compareTree(“v”, null, “0”, li)jsondiff (line 113)
compareTree(“v”, null, “0”, li)jsondiff (line 113)
compareTree(“v”, null, “0”, li)

Comment by keitha — July 1, 2008

I like the idea, but what is it practically good for?

Comment by AndrasBarthazi — July 1, 2008

keitha: Yeah its recursive so it will die on really deep JSON structures. Was the JSON you tried really big? I could rewrite it to not be recursive, but I don’t think most people will run into the limit.

AndreasBarthazi: I wrote it because I was sick of manually looking through strings of JSON for the differences. I needed it, I thought others might too.

Comment by tlrobinson — July 1, 2008

I made a JSON diff algorithm some time back. I argue for its uses in the short article I wrote about it.

My diff algorithm even handles cyclic references in the JSON objects (deep objects).


Comment by MichaelSchoeler — August 10, 2008

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