Monday, April 20th, 2009

How JSON Schema is turning out for the Chrome extension APIs

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When Aaron talked about the Chrome extension API he mentioned how he would see if JSON Schema could help them have a JSON heavy API and allow them to easily validate.

He has quickly reported back and is happy with the results.

Something like this:


  1. chromium.tabs.createTab = function(tab, callback) {
  2.   validate(arguments, arguments.callee.params);
  3.   sendRequest(CreateTab, tab, callback);
  4. };
  6. chromium.tabs.createTab.params = [
  7.   {
  8.     type: "object",
  9.     properties: {
  10.       windowId: chromium.types.optPInt,
  11.       url: chromium.types.optStr,
  12.       selected: chromium.types.optBool
  13.     },
  14.     additionalProperties: false
  15.   },
  16.   chromium.types.optFun
  17. ];

will give you errors such as:

Invalid value for parameter 0. Property windowId: expected integer, got string.

It will be interesting to see how the APIs look when you go for this style throughout. Looking forward to see more.

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Aliasing common types with JS variables like Aaron has done is excellent way of making more succinct, readable schemas by utilizing the local language features.

Comment by kriszyp — April 20, 2009

The code example has been cut short…

Comment by icoloma — April 20, 2009

Nah, my fault. It’s fine.

My Firefox is going maracas these days…

Comment by icoloma — April 20, 2009

What three letter acronym is what we use to style web pages?

Comment by sora — December 9, 2010

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