Friday, December 14th, 2007

JSTM: Java Shared Transacted Memory for GWT

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After my Google Gears talk at JavaPolis, I spoke to the nice fellow, Cyprien Noel, behind JSTM, Java Shared Transactional Memory for GWT.

This tool allows you to automatically have state shared among clients. This could be a great solution for certain sync scenarios if we make it work in the Gears world. The same syncing that is done on the server with multiple clients could be used when merging online and offline worlds.

jstm4gwt is specialized for making easier the developpement of distributed gwt-ajax applications ( jstm4gwt is available for GWT/Java heavy clients/.NET clients). This framework let the user being focused on the functional data he wants use into his gwt ajax application and jstm4gwt do the job for all the the distributed part of the application ( sending modified data, broadcasting changes, …).

jstm4gwt is more simple than SOA design since you don’t have to define services but you just have to work on your functional data and implement listeners on client (refreshing UI ) and on the server ( persistency, mailing , …).

jstm4gwt is efficient for gwt multi users games.

jstm4gwt allows you to setup a powerfull distributed gwt application in few minutes.

You can watch a demo of JSTM at work and take an early peak at the beast.

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