Thursday, November 13th, 2008

jsTree Nears 1.0; Solicits Feedback

Category: Component, jQuery

Several months ago, we covered jsTree, a promising new tree component built on top of jQuery. It’s since gained its own website and is nearing a 1.0 release. There have been a few changes since we last wrote about it:

* A lot of focus on the JSON data source

* Native async support (meaning correct data loading, event handling, etc).

* In the last public version there is a simple instance manager.

* The instance manager enabled full multitree support – node dragging between trees, with language cleanup (if languages differ), and also and most important – the receiving tree’s dragrules are respected.

* There have been a lot of bugfixes, optimizations, enhancements.

It’s coming along nicely since the initial story; give it another look and pass on bug reports and feedback to Ivan at his blog prior to the 1.0 release.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 8:00 am

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hope for 1.0 soon … may be a drupal module is than a welcome thing (taxonomy)

Comment by Aimos — November 13, 2008

This component seems very promising. I love the edit tree support, I will definitely use this in future projects. I donated some coffee. ;)

Comment by Spocke — November 14, 2008

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