Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Kaazing: Enterprise Comet for Real Time Web 2.0

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Kaazing is a new startup in the bay area that just announced itself to the world via a press release Kaazing and Terracotta Partner to Deliver Advanced Real-Time Web 2.0 Technology:

Kaazing Corporation and Terracotta, Inc. today announced a strategic alliance to deliver the software industry’s most scalable and advanced real-time Web 2.0 technology for financial systems, online gaming, online sports and news broadcasting applications. The seamless integration between Kaazing’s real-time Rich Internet Application (RIA) solution, Enterprise Comet, and Terracotta’s Network Attached Memory software enables Kaazing customers to create and deploy scalable mission-critical real-time Web 2.0 solutions, such as trading system clients, online betting applications, performance monitoring, RFID/GPS tracking systems, and sports and news broadcasting applications.

Jonas Jacobi of Kaazing was at a conference that I am at in Oslo, so I cornered him to find out what this is all about. The video discusses how Kaazing has a GWT-like ability to take Java bytecode and produces Comet-enabled JavaScript that runs cross browser. Jonas demonstrated a JMS application, entirely written in Java, that runs in the browser itself. They will be showing off an online gaming application in short order.

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Interesting. I wonder how this will compare to Lightstreamer (, which I was planning to integrate into a trading system I’m building.

Comment by Ben Bodien — September 13, 2007

Hi Dion! Great speak on Wednesday!

Comment by T.Andersen — September 13, 2007

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