Monday, December 29th, 2008

Kaazing Gateway 8.12 Battlestar Available

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Kaazing keeps on moving with its Java Comet server, and just released a new version. It will be interesting to see if real-time connections take off in 2009.

Kaazing is happy to announce the second major release of its Kaazing Gateway, an open source HTML 5 web server, which includes support for HTML 5 WebSockets. With the 8.12 release of Kaazing Gateway delivers even more HTML 5 features such as Server-sent Events, more advanced security services, and extended support for XMPP (Jabber) and STOMP (e.g. ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, or OpenMQ).

Server-sent events make a substantial contribution to the HTML 5 specification; however, Kaazing Gateway makes that contribution even greater by enabling Broadcast Notifications, which makes it possible to send messages from a TCP-, UDP-, or Multicast-origin and deliver simultaneous updates to tens of thousands of end-users. Applications of Server-sent event broadcasting include sporting event updates, system notifications, financial market updates, and much more.

Kaazing Gateway’s HTML 5 emulation libraries also include a number of updates. The libraries now enable any modern browser to support HTML 5 Server-sent Events, and introduce support for HTML 5 postMessage, which facilitates cross document messaging. Kaazing’s HTML 5 libraries also include support for HTML 5 Offline Storage, which provides simple DOM-based storage solution. Kaazing Gateway and its client libraries also now provide support W3C Access Controls for Cross-Site Requests, which is a mechanism to enable client-side cross-site requests, better known as Cross-site XmlHttpRequests.

Beyond extended support for HTML 5, Kaazing Gateway 8.12 also provides more advanced XMPP features such as group chat. This release also introduces STOMP-JMS Adapter, which allows you to adapt any existing Java Message Service (JMS) services (e.g. JBoss Messaging, Tibco EMS, OpenMQ, SwiftMQ, WebSphere MQ, etc. ) for use with Kaazing Gateway.

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