Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Kabuki Withdrawn from Apache

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Andy Clark of Zimbra wrote a letter to the Apache Incubator where he explained why the Kabuki contribution was now withdrawn.

A few of the things we’ve learned:

  1. Most parties in the OpenAjax initiative believe one sweet spot for AJAX toolkits will be for augmenting existing HTML pages. This is a more evolutionary approach that provides a more generic fallback in terms of accessibility, legacy clients, and so on. So a key constituency is the “HTML design center”, and today we believe Dojo to be a better choice for HTML developers than Kabuki.
  2. At least some of the Java UI developers prefer to continue to do their coding work in Java and then map the resulting application to Javascript for deployment. This is the model at the heart of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which is directly targetted at the “Java design center”, and is now available under the Apache license.
  3. Kabuki, which targets object-oriented programming in Javascript, retains its sweet spot for developing more revolutionary AJAX applications (“Javascript design center”) that seek to take the full advantage of the browser’s capabilities in native Javascript.
  4. We think that Kabuki is an ideal fit for a certain class of Ajax solutions but not for others. As such, we expect Kabuki to co-exist with Dojo, GWT, and others. We now agree with other members of OpenAjax that a peer relationship between these projects is best. We feel that this approach facilitates sharing and collaboration and is better than an approach where one project has a special relationship with Apache while others do not.

Is this a big deal? We don’t think so. A lot has changed since Zimbra kindly put this out there, and other open projects already exist for users. I think it is a service to NOT have another Ajax framework waving around, especially one that looks like Java in JavaScript? :)

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This is a pretty big deal !

One of the two heavyweight open source AJAX toolkits gets withdrawn. Sure, it’s source code would still be available, but it won’t really be developed further. I remember reading some time ago on the Dojo mailing list how *they* were afraid of Kabuki. All the hype about this has been just that. Kabuki has already collapsed, and I expect the OpenAjax Alliance to collapse next, like a house of cards. Loose alliances and half-hearted attempts can only go so far.

Comment by Joe Doe — June 29, 2006

Zimbra/Kabuki didn’t seem to be very widely used. It seems that companies that create an AJAX toolkit as a by-product are not good at delivering continuous improvements. I think the same is true for Google: GWT is now hyped everywhere, but so was Google’s ajaxslt, which was pretty much abandoned after 1 or 2 updates.

Comment by Jep Castelein — June 29, 2006

To me, it looks like they are only withdrawing their submission to Apache. It will still be available at Zimbra’s web site as AjaxTK. I did not read that it will no longer be developed. Maybe I am misreading the letter from Zimbra. Could we get some clarification on this? Thanks.

Comment by John Underwood — June 29, 2006

The toolkit will continue to be available through the Zimbra website. And since our entire product — user and admin clients — are built with it, the toolkit will continue to be developed as we add features, improve performance, etc.

P.S. At this point we intend to keep the Kabuki name for the toolkit but it will not be branded as Apache. However, it will still be released with the Apache license.

Comment by Andy Clark — June 29, 2006

now it works 8). Would be nice if they disabled the selecting of text. while draging the items around n stuff the it sometimes selected the items like images n text made the ugley blue around them

Comment by Mario — June 29, 2006

Hi! I setup SSL/TLS on apache 2.0.
Its working fine apache only listen on 443 port for incoming connections. My question is:
How to config apache , for example when user type to automatic redirect him to port 443 and https connection. Now when i use he dont display anything because apache don listen on 80.
Can you help me, please? Thanx :)

Comment by bob — November 29, 2006

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