Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Kevin Lynch promoted to become Adobe CTO

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I met this really nice bloke at the first Ajax get together, put on a few years back, by O’Reilly and Adaptive Path. Ben and I were arguing about something or other and this guy politely told us that we were totally wrong. It turned out to be Kevin. He is a really nice chap, and is really interesting to talk too. You delve into his technical background and it is deep. Really deep. Ever play with the Newton?

Well, Kevin has been promoted to become CTO of Adobe. The press release positions it as “marking an increasing significance for Rich Internet Applications across Adobe’s business”.

All I care about is that we have a real techie who does the right thing in a more powerful position at Adobe. Hopefully Flash will be open sourced soon huh Kev? Congrats.

In this new position, Lynch will oversee Adobe’s experience design and core technology across business units. As part of this role Lynch will continue to drive Adobe’s technology platform for designers and developers, which includes Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Flex, and Adobe AIR, the new cross-operating system application runtime that bridges the computing power and data capabilities of the desktop with the real-time dynamic capabilities of the Web.

And for old times sake…..

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