Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Kiko: Yet Another Ajaxian Calendar

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Certain apps tend to jump out for Ajaxian writers. The online calendar is one of them, and Kiko has stepped up to the plate with their offering.

What’s better?

  • Interface

    • Click On Anything – Everything is interactive. Right click it, drag it – it all works the way you expect from a native application.
    • Everything’s On One Page – Manage your groups, view your calendar, and create and tag your appointments all from one page.
    • Be Soothed By Kiko’s Pleasant Colors – Pastels are good for the soul.

What’s coming (real soon)?

  • API
    • A powerful and flexible servlet API that allows third party developers to produce tools which enhance the value of your Kiko Calendar.
    • Everything Kiko Calendar can do, your web service can do too. Mash-up to your hearts content.

Stuff we’re also working on

  • Accessibility – SMS, Instant Messenger, PDA, offline and pure HTML versions
  • Import and Export: iCal, whatever Outlook uses
  • Buzzwords Compliance: AJAX, Web 2.0, Tagging, RSS


( via Chris Beams )

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Looks like has beat. They’re developing new features daily it seems.

Comment by Steven — September 26, 2005

Check out instead. :) We’re still working on everything but our interface is already much more usable than planzo & kiko. I know there are some ajax things that need to be improved on our site, but I’d still love feedback from some ajax bloggers!

Comment by Garret — October 9, 2005

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