Monday, April 17th, 2006

KingPing: Blog Notification with Ajax

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King Ping provides a similar service to sites like Ping-O-Matic, which accept a blog URL and notify sites like Technorati that an update has occurred. Not everyone needs these services anymore as the process is often automated, but for those who do, King Ping gives you a nice Ajax interface for it.

The application uses Multi-Stage Download – an XHR request is uploaded for each engine to be notified. The King Ping service at the other end then acts as a Cross-Domain Proxy, routing the call toward an engine and passing back the result to the browser. In the web page’s results area, there’s a designated status area for each engine, which gets filled as soon as the browser receives the corresponding response.

Joe Anderson, who “pinged” us about it, says there are still issues with King Ping.

King Ping’s AJAX runs very smoothly, though I don’t like the fonts and colours used throughout the site. For some reason, I find the constant use of grey quite depressing; and I think a nice blue gradient would revamp the site.

King Ping has a few other faults. It claims to be able to ping BlogShares, but in fact it can’t. BlogShares RPC is only available to approved parties (Pingoat and Ping-O-Matic), so BlogShares refuses connections from anyone else. Another fault is it doesn’t provide an RPC. This stops you adding it to your blogging software to automatically ping after each update. Ping-O-Matic and Pingoat, however, do offer RPCs.

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Dude, I’m not the creator!

Comment by Joe Anderson — April 17, 2006

That was quick!!! Sorry, updated now.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — April 17, 2006


What a surprise to see King Ping here ;) Thanks for covering it, however I have to say that I didn’t work on it since 10 months… at least. Right now I am working on consulting contracts to have some bread on the table and on Talk Digger (, so I let King Ping go (until it dies?) because I do not have to time to work on it. However, there are so many other great pinging services available out there like, that I do not think that my time would be well spent. In fact, the only reason why I created King Ping was because I had problems with Ping-O-Matic’s outages.

So thanks for that post, and I could recommend you to check too.



Comment by Fred — April 17, 2006

Well, I am the guy who introduced AJAX capabilities to King Ping.

I will try to fix up the bugs and also will re-design it a bit (yes the font and the color) when I get some time ;-)

So stay tuned… and Thanks Joe for pointing it out.

Comment by Sudar — April 18, 2006

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