Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Kiva: Making a difference with a new API

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We don’t often post about general APIs. I let John Musser handle that on Programmable Web, but this one strikes a chord with me.

Kiva, the distributed micro loan platform, has released a new developer API that gives third parties access to create innovative applications on top of the platform:

The initial release of the Kiva API is concerned with helping you find and present public data from Kiva. We want to help you find things like loans, lenders, and partners and help you represent those in your applications and products. We think there are a lot of really useful things that can be done just by helping the Kiva community find information in different ways or experience it in a new context. Moreover, understanding our core set of data is the most important building block to doing more complex operations in future versions of the API.

One chap has already started to map out lenders and loans:

I have just started poking at the data available, as I suspect network analysis will be able to help predict rates of return.

When I knew that Skylar Woodward was in on the action I knew something cool was coming. The API so far is typically JSON and RESTful (and XML if you haaave too). I wonder if anyone has written a nice JavaScript wrapper around the API yet?

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Very interesting, and a worthy cause.

Comment by MorganRoderick — February 4, 2009

a short(15 min) and interesting film for the ones who don’t know Kiva >

Comment by Patollab — February 4, 2009

Comment by Patollab — February 4, 2009

Hi! This is the chap referred to above, thanks for the call out on the mapping! For any interested, I have finished a complete social map of the borrowers & partners:

Comment by Erich — February 4, 2009

Comment by electBlake — February 11, 2009

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