Monday, December 1st, 2008

Kojax? Huh?

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Mary Jo Foley has an article called Move over, Ajax. Here comes Microsoft’s ‘Kojax’. The thing is, I don’t get what it actually is:

Kojax is a mobile development platform, according to my sources, that will allow Microsoft- — and third-party-developed — applets run in an Ajax-like way, using a combination of Visual Studio tools and JavaScript, on Java-based mobile phones.

Erm, is this just JavaScript running on the JVM? This is the big deal instead of the PDC touted “write using .NET and deploy everywhere”?

Mary goes on:

What kinds of mobile applets are we talking about here? Nothing iPhone-like, such as restaurant reviews or “I am Rich.” More like a virtual wallet for online payments, a group messaging service and photo-sharing app — things that build on top of Windows Live for Mobile services. Some of these Kojax-based applets will ad-funded; others will likely be transaction- and subscription-based.

Another interesting part of the Kojax tips I’ve received: Microsoft allegedly is aiming its Kojax applet plans primarily at users in emerging markets.

The Kojax work may or may not be related to a recent Unlimited Potential initiative about which I recently heard, known as “Mobile First.” Mobile First is all about users whose first Microsoft-related experience tends to be in the mobile-phone, rather than the PC, realm. (Given Microsoft’s recent acknowledgment that China Mobile will offer the first handsets running Internet Explorer 6, it’s not far-fetched to see how/why Microsoft is putting so much emphasis on emerging-market customers.)

I haven’t been able to glean much more about Kojax and Microsoft’s mobile applet plans. So before you ask, I don’t know what stage Kojax is at: It could be anything from a glimmer in a Microsoft development team’s eye, or something in private beta.

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They’re definitely English words strung together to make what appear to be sentences but as far as I can tell none of it actually has any meaning. A lollipop to the first person who can make sense of this waffle.

Comment by jeromew — December 1, 2008

jeromew: As far as I read it, it translates to:

“Microsoft is working on Kojax. I don’t know what it exactly is, how it will work, at what stage of development it is, and if it has anything to do with Microsoft plans for emerging markets, but it seems like a nice buzzword to write few paragraphs about”.

Comment by nea — December 1, 2008

“Nothing iPhone-like, such as restaurant reviews or “I am Rich.” ”
LOL Talk about a straw man!!! 10,000-odd apps for the iphone and these are wheeled out as the most iPhone-like!

“More like a virtual wallet for online payments, a group messaging service and photo-sharing app”
Photo-sharing on the iPhone? Preposterous!

I can haz minesweeper?

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — December 1, 2008

Thanks nea, that sounds about right. Your limited edition Rogaine flavour Telly Savalas lollipop is in the post :)

Comment by jeromew — December 1, 2008

I will definitely use this and compare with Android if possible.

Comment by Hsoftashish — January 13, 2009

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