Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Kurt Cagle: AJAX, Systems Theory and Climate Change

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In one of his latest posts, Kurt Cagle, from the perspective of a physicist, compares the flow of natural processes (such as weter) to the flow of data streaming over the lines of the internet. He also mentions that, despite it being a similar sort of connection as normal page views, Ajax has the potential to drastically change not only the flow of information, but the time it takes to develop the software to manipulate it.

Computer networks probably work upon the same principle; as you increase the traffic moving through that network, the systems develop bottlenecks until new nodes are paths are added. So far, this has been a linear process – a simple client/server relationship does require that you throw in more servers as the demand on the networks rise, but in most cases this does not change the underlying characteristics of the network.

I definitely see AJAX playing into this model […] it’s a regime change, and will likely end up becoming a dominant strange attractor until the system pushes this out in favor of even more effective solutions.

He mentions that he does think that Ajax wil eventually go by the wayside, but by then will have paved the way for other, more refined technologies – causing a change to the “energy” of the web.

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