Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Leafletter: Building mini embedable apps

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Leafletter is a new service that enables users to create miniature web sites (“Leaflets”) and embed them into social networks, blogs, and other web sites.

A Leaflet is a miniature Flash® based web site that can be displayed anywhere HTML is welcome. For instance, a Leaflet could be distributed to the About Me section of a MySpace Profile, the body of a Blog Entry, and in the Portfolio section of a photographer’s Personal Website, all simultaneously.

Leafletter is geared toward professional content creators – creative artists, media professionals, online sellers – users who seek broader exposure for their content, who probably already have a web site and/or online portfolio, and who want to begin showing their content, in a specific way, on social networks and blogs.

Leafletter is unique in that it gives the user complete control over how his media is laid out, embellished and displayed. It is created using an intuitive browser based (WYSIWYG) design tool, and features such helpful tools as Real Time Layout Changing, whereby a completed page can be viewed in 36 different configurations, Build By Blocks, whereby a user need only fill in Blocks to create a page within a Leaflet, and smooth Flickr integration for users wishing to share photos and maintain control of their presentation.

Once a Leaflet has been created it can be distributed using the familiar process of Copying and Pasting an Embed Code or URL to any location where HTML is accepted.

Take a look at the demo to see the building of a leaflet, block by block.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:34 am

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What’s with the layout selecting? You actually have to select from 28+ different layouts without even a preview? Please, eather throw in previews or make a feature to create customized layouts. But i see the potential, just a few small things in the execution that bugged me.

Comment by Gudbergur — January 9, 2007


Thanks for your comment but it’s exactly the opposite of what you suggest. You can preview your page, whether empty or already containing content, in 36 different layouts, without leaving the page you are working on. Just by dragging a bar until some arrangement of your content strikes you as appropriate.

If I’ve misunderstood, please drop a line at my blog: mpleafletter.blogspot.com — I’d appreciate it.

Comment by Michael Patrick — January 9, 2007

so far, I am quite unimpressed… I like the idea of autolayouts, but what a crap user interface for going from a page to another (or from a layout to another in design mode)… don’t expect anyone to understand that first hand, this is the very best example of a completely inaccessible browsing feature!

** preloading pages would help
** pre-showing pages in the slider would help
** using the scrollbar paradigm may help

Comment by Sad Developper — January 10, 2007

Shutup Gudbergur and “Sad Developer”, you could be less of an ass in your suggestions to Michael. Give me a link to one of your sites for review, and let’s see how almighty your apps are!

Comment by Chad — January 10, 2007

Don’t be so naive Chad.

Comment by Gudbergur — January 13, 2007

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