Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Lightbox v2.0 released

Category: JavaScript, Toolkit

Lokesh Dhakar has released version 2.0 of his nifty JavaScript image tool, Lightbox.

What’s New in Version 2.0

  • Image Sets: group related images and navigate through them with ease
  • Visual Effects: fancy pants transitions
  • Backwards Compatibility: yes!

The effects are nicely done, and look very similiar to what the guys at alwaysBeta did with it, with the spinning progress indicator. There is also the large close box in the lower right corner, but I’m curious as to why its not in the upper right corner to remain consistent with standard GUI conventions.
lightbox version 2.0

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 3:32 pm

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Funny, in my GUI (OS X) the close box is actually in the upper left. Think different!

Comment by Raymond Brigleb — March 29, 2006

That shows how long its been since I’ve used MacOS. =) I’m sure I’ll get used to it pretty quick when my MacBook arrives in a week or so.

Anyways, I suppose _either_ upper right or upper left would make more sense then lower right.

Comment by Rob Sanheim — March 29, 2006

Very nice, but I think they just got kicked out of the “lean n’ mean” club ;)

Would like to see a leaner version with just one .js and the the extranneous JS stripped out (if any)…

Comment by Boo Radley — March 29, 2006

The thicker-at-the-bottom white border is a visual reference to Polariod photos. So one way to explain why the X is down there is: that’s where the space is!

Comment by Paul — March 29, 2006

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it’s cool !

Comment by kuei — March 30, 2006

…160KB of pure JavaScript…

Comment by Lon — March 30, 2006


I catched the polaroid reference and while to me that makes them look pretty (although to complete the effect I’d overlay a transparent PNG with a reflection) I’m afraid that’ll target them the same way the polaroidonizer guys got stomped for infringing a trademark. Unbelievable as it sounds the typical shape of the polaroid is trademarked and its likeness can’t be used. The polaroidonizer script (and wp-plugin) modified images to make them look like a polaroid. Now it’s impossible to get them through normal channels and only some CVS repositories have them (and the plug-in doesn’t work in 2.0.2, either).

Comment by Eduo — March 30, 2006

The sliding effects looks very nice, subtle like many flash animations. I do see a flaw in the animation. The first image is displayed correctly, but with the images following (especially those of a different size) the start of the animation jumps several pixels. My guess is that it has to do with the difference between the offsetWidth and the style.width (box-model) when creating the tween. Other than that, cool idea.

Comment by Ruben — March 30, 2006

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That’s really cool; but I think AlwaysBeta guys work still better than 2.0, because moo.fx integration give to effects ability and all of them 20kb, not 160kb.

Comment by Ahmet — March 30, 2006

just fantastic!! thanks for the great resource

Comment by Sumeet Wadhwa — April 18, 2006

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Comment by PraP — July 22, 2007

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