Tuesday, February 12th, 2008


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James Newton-King has posted a new bit of code called LINQ to JSON which is a .NET LINQ style API over JSON.

For example, here is how you could get out categories and how often they are used:


  1. var categories =
  2.   from c in rss.PropertyValue<jobject>("channel")
  3.               .PropertyValue<jarray>("item")
  4.               .Children<jobject>()
  5.               .PropertyValues<jarray>("category")
  6.               .Children<string>()
  7.   group c by c into g
  8.   orderby g.Count() descending
  9.   select new { Category = g.Key, Count = g.Count() };

There is also a project, JSLINQ which is an implementation of LINQ to Objects implemented in JavaScript. It is built using a set of extension methods built on top of the JavaScript Array object. If you are using an Array, you can use JSLINQ.

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Just to be complete: there’s also PHPLinq on http://codeplex.com/PHPLinq .

Comment by maartenba — February 12, 2008

One word, EXCELLENT!

Comment by Liming — February 12, 2008

Jaql (http://www.jaql.org/) looks like another one.

Comment by michele — February 12, 2008

how about dynamic linq, I think that’s more useful than normal linq

Comment by phpcs — February 12, 2008

Very cool…. nice to see LINQ crossing the Microsoft chasm.

Comment by jonbruce — February 12, 2008

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