Monday, June 19th, 2006

LITBox: One more lightbox

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Ever since LightBox was out we have seen a slew of different versions. Ryan Lowe has created LITBox. Why?

So with all of the light/thick/whatever-box methods out there today, why would I build my own… because I wasn’t all that thrilled with the other ones out there. Don’t get me wrong, LITBox is not perfect, but for what I am developing at SpinWeb, it is the best fit. Probably the biggest advantage of the LITBox, is that it is a lightbox written into a class. This gives it the ability to open multiple instances of the LITBox and be able to control each one with unique settings and controls.

LITBox has a pretty good list of features that I built into it (thanks mainly to that allow you to manipulate size, opacity, and type as well as the ability to choose whether the window can be draggable or resizable. It also works cross-platform. You can specify a relative link to use an xmlhttp request to pull in content from another page on your site, or just use it to display or confirm a message to the user.



  1. new LITBox('HELLO WORLD!', {type:'alert', overlay:false, height:60, width:300, resizable:false, opacity:.6});


Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:43 pm

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1 post all day… and it’s about another damn lightbox clone?

Hey, tomorrow maybe make a post that has an AJAX framework roundup, haven’t seen one of those in like a week.

I wonder how long this site can stay afloat.

Comment by Ryan Gahl — June 19, 2006

LOL, omFg… the commenting system is STILL broken.


Comment by Ryan Gahl — June 19, 2006

Tough crowd… Desptie Ryan G’s criticism, I found something of interest in this post. In general the various *box libraries have been good examples of degradable, unobtrusive javascript however they sometimes don’t necessarily address resource issues such as the reuse facilitated by building a prototype. Javascript is very flexible as it supports functional programming as well as procedural and OO. We generally use OO for our development (C++, PHP) but also utilize the more scheme-like constructs available in Javascript. Finding the balance of approaches is something that developers are working on now and the above library is an interesting addition to the discourse. Great blog Dion, I read it regularly…

Comment by Daniel Walters — June 19, 2006

It’s just a type of dialog, this is another: dialog control.

Comment by Jason — June 19, 2006

I like how every version of every library released these days is 2.0.

(fix the damn post bug)

Comment by Dan — June 19, 2006

Good info… and I echo Daniel’s comments — this is the best blog on the web for my tastes. There’s a pile of AJAX and “web 2.0” info for developers on here. Many thanks, Dion and Ben. The podcasts are especially informative.

Thanks, guys-

Comment by Mark Holton — June 19, 2006

…and the excuse for the broken comment system? A site purportedly about cutting edge tech can’t figure out how to fix a bloody redirect problem when someone makes a comment (it’s been MONTHS). I mean, really, is that a FEATURE??? Is that user friendly?? Is that un-obtrusive?? Web 2.0?? Quality?? et cetera et cetera et cetera

Comment by Ryan Gahl — June 19, 2006

I just wanted to apologize for my constant lashing out about the comment system on this website. I just came back and re-read some of my earlier posts, and I realized that my angry and aggressive online persona is just a shield that I put up to protect myself.
Clearly I really do like your website, or I wouldn’t be coming back so frequently. I’m going to take a little time off from posting until I can get a handle on these anger issues, but I’ll continue to be an avid reader and I hope to resume posting soon.
I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings.

Comment by Ryan Gahl — June 19, 2006

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would you PLEASE fix the comment system?

Comment by Anonymous Coward — June 19, 2006


Comment by FIXIT — June 20, 2006

Sorry, that was me posting as Anonymous Coward. Despite my promise to stay quiet for a while, it turns out that I just can’t stop myself from complaining about the comment system. But I’m really torn, because if you DO fix it, I won’t have anything left to comment about until I can find something else that’s wrong with your website.
I know I could just stop posting, and then I wouldn’t have to experience this bug that bothers me so much, but I’d really rather you fixed it. You’ll feel better about yourself, and I, in turn, will feel better because I helped you in some small way with my words of encouragement. I just want to make a difference.

Comment by Ryan Gahl — June 20, 2006

Testing the comment feature.. whatas this bug about then?

Comment by comment test — June 20, 2006

Yup goes to a blank page after posting. Must be a feature.

Comment by comment test — June 20, 2006

Some a-hole posted twice with my name… i do not apologize. fix the post bug and please start posting non-repeated content.

again, any post to the effect that I apologize is false.

Comment by Ryan Gahl — June 20, 2006

Whoever that was pretending to be me – enough already.
I have moved on, I have a life now and don’t need to spend my time revisting sites to police their commenting systems.. yes, it seems so lame in insight.
So to recap:
That WAS me posting earlier.
I DO apologize (disregard that last rubbish)
BUT I guess I really would like the commenting bug fixed. (I couldn’t help myself)

Comment by Ryan Gahl — June 20, 2006

I am a bad boy.

Comment by Ryan Gahl — June 20, 2006

The Biggest flaw of this one is that after you’ve dragged the box around you can’t scroll anymore by dragging the handles.. Firefox WinXP etc.

Comment by Eddy Luten — June 20, 2006

Great job!

Comment by Durgaprasad C Menon — July 2, 2006

I can’t help but be seriously amused by the comments on this post. Also, Ryan is awesome and so is his litbox.

Comment by Jackola — July 13, 2006

So is Ryan Gahl the one and only Ryan Lowe who is playing with his blog? You know you can go blind for that dont you??

Comment by Terry — July 20, 2006

hey guys, im having some trouble getting this to work on my site. im using the new litbox for flash release and for some reason it just isn’t working. as far as i know im doing everything correctly. check out and let me know if u see any reason why the litbox is not working. thanks in advance. you can also email me at thanks again.

Comment by ryan — September 1, 2006

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Comment by — May 9, 2007

Only 11 mm slim light box in China!

Comment by — May 10, 2007

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