Monday, May 12th, 2008

Live Chess with Comet

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Piotr Dachtera took his, and created a scalable version using Comet. Dylan reports it as “a Jetty-powered Comet app that uses dojox.cometd on the client-side. It’s a solid implementation that shows chess moves in real-time, and to date is the best all-around Comet game I’ve seen that is live to the world.”

Mathieu Nouzareth then commented that, a Flash based gaming platform also uses Jetty and Comet techniques (compared to AMF etc).

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There is also the GWT comet games GPokr, KDice, and XSketch, GPokr in particular was done a long time ago.

Comment by cromwellian — May 12, 2008

Crashes Firefox 2.

Upon entering the game after clicking “PLAY LIVE!”, it opens up a new window and crashes my browser (Firefox You can easily reproduce this bug if you’re on Mac OS X + Firefox 2 + Firebug. If you disable Firebug, then you can enter the game. I found that this is a bug on Dojo’s part. There is code in their 1.0+ release that Mac OS X Firebug doesn’t like and it crashes the browser.

So I opened it up in Webkit revision 33029, and the games don’t even work. Nothing moves, no data is being pushed to the client-side. You can easily find out by opening up Charles (http debugging proxy).

Epic fail.

Comment by MezZzeR — May 12, 2008

It’s a pretty nice one!

Comment by Snowcoredotnet — May 13, 2008

Something like this is simple compared to what I did with Ajax and Server Sent DOM Events in Opera 9 – a scorched earth clone with online play, and that was back in January 2007, so I would dare to say it was a world first in JavaScript based games with online multiplay. Prove me wrong if you can =)

Comment by Jani — May 13, 2008

Here is a tutorial getting GWT to work with Grizzly Comet GWT + GRIZZLY + COMET

Comment by morock — May 28, 2008

Where I can download thic “Live chess”?

Comment by Oktavijan85 — March 2, 2009

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