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The Windows Live team has a new search which has a couple of nice features.

  • Infinite Scrolling: Rather than having pages, there is a virtual scrollbar which you can keep scrolling
  • Results Amount: When you have results, you can move a slider which changes how much content is shown per result. This lets you see just headlines, or a bunch of info on the given result. This is like the Safari RSS reader

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:53 am

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What I didn’t like from the usability point of view was that very infinite scrollbar. It is very difficult to get back to the result, which you might have liked, when you have scrolled about a thousand results down.
Not speaking of how weird it loads in FF :)

Comment by Arseniy — March 13, 2006

hey – just wanted to let you know something that I discovered the day after the new search features went live: They are not disclosing where the ads are. Now this may seem trivial but after doing some research this is a really big deal. Pardon the linkage but please have a look:

I tried to point some folks here and digg the article but I cant seem to generate a buzz. Perhaps you can shed some light on this and let me know your opinion.

Comment by Eric — March 13, 2006

[…] Hoy Manu Contreras, nos enseñaba el aspecto del antiguo Y hoy leo en Ajaxian que han implementado un sistema de busqueda mediante Ajax que hace del sitio un lugar muy dinámico y rico en interacción con el usuario. […]

Pingback by aNieto2K | De todo un poco » Busqueda — March 13, 2006

Another fine Atlas product based on shoddy markup that spins it wheels in Opera 8 and 9. This XHTML “strict” baby’s got undefined elements, dozens of invalid/missing attributes and piles more markup incorrectly embedded in inline Script elements. Your new MS web 2.0 experience

Comment by Stephen Clay — March 13, 2006

Cool. But I perfer that simpler UI like google.

Comment by linb — March 13, 2006

nice looking, but you can’t middle click links to open in a new tab, you have to right click, then select from a menu. very irritating.

Comment by davros — March 14, 2006

Hi everybody;

I’m also working on an ajax-based search engine , still in its very BETA version, , searches for images, news, videos etc will be added in soon by next week … Now the search result shows only the 1st page , the site is young just launched last week … hope to get some comments from everybody here

Comment by KY — March 14, 2006

linb’s comment about Google’s nice simple UI got me thinking: I think MS is trying to solve a non-existent problem here. From a UI point of view, search is pretty simple. You ask a question and get some answers.

Now, the asking part could certainly stand some humanization (how do you explain to novice or non-technical users that they need to add some nested boolean math to their search query?)

But as far as showing the results and let users navigate through them, the only real improvement I can think of over the standard default web search is to add more items per page, and that was added to most search engines about a decade ago. As for varying the “verbosity” of results, this is pointless. The longest excerpt is still very short, and the shortest is just a URL, which is useless. Also, changing verbosity makes you lose your place in the list.

MS’s newfangled ajax search gains very little while losing persistence (getting back to a previous set of results higher up the page), convention, and responsiveness.

Comment by MH — March 15, 2006 with image searches now , simple UI :)

Comment by KY — March 16, 2006

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