Monday, June 26th, 2006

London Tube Route Finder

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David Tran has spent the past couple of months producing a route finder for the London Tube. The site showcases several Ajax features:

  • Autocomplete suggestions as you type in the station names (though it’s apparently capped to 3 suggestions).
  • A very web 2.0 feature – vote on each suggested route with a :-) or :-(.
  • Google Maps popup to show where the station is.
  • And of course, no page refresh – route info updates via web remoting.

Aptly enough, it’s Rails that lies under the covers.

David’s looking for feedback on this project.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 2:16 pm

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With the exception of the set-and-forget up or down vote, none of this is improved with the use of Ajax. Also, I hope you don’t plan on printing the route…

The new route thing should allow you to pick a starting point, be presented with a list of available stations that you can select from, and you would just have to click the station name, which would be added to the route. You shouldn’t have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the route to add it.

Comment by Matthew Ratzloff — June 26, 2006

here’s some feedback : employ a designer, great idea, but it offends my eyes ;)

Comment by davros — June 27, 2006

Hi Matthew

You can click on the “change” link next to the starting and end stations in the route designer, which will bring up the autocomplete fields for the station names. There is no need to recall them from memory. Also, if the route you enter is a tube route, the intermediate stations will fill in automatically.

Hi Davros

Can’t afford a web designer on my current pay. I can’t do anything about the colours of the tube lines, as they are set by TFL :-)

Comment by David Tran — June 27, 2006

Check out

..another Ajax driven route finder for the tube. This one has a number of well known places in its database, too, and you can add yourself so people can find you. I use it quite often.

Comment by Simon — June 27, 2006

I wish more “web 2.0” applications were as useful as ones like this — and that they were more local! If there was a service like this for, say, the bus service in my city, I wouldn’t care what it looked like! I think it’s a neat app.

Comment by J.B. Fuller — June 27, 2006

Uhhmm.. is the css-file missing?

Comment by Daniel — June 28, 2006

I think it’s a great idea, but the design could be a bit better.

Comment by Eddy Luten — June 29, 2006

Hi all

Taking on board the feedback, I have given the site a facelift, added a route designer, and also integrated the tube map path plotting. Enjoy.


Comment by David Tran — July 11, 2006

Will you intergrate videos as well?

Comment by william — March 1, 2007

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