Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Looking at JS emulator core for GameBoy

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JavaScript as a general-purpose “Turing-complete language” is illustrated – the example discussed in the first part of a series:  How a CPU can be emulated through JS, and how one might start building an emulation core for the GameBoy console. Looking forward:  How a game image can be loaded into the emulator over the Web. For now: Hello, Z80! Check out Ice Station ImRannazar!

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Some fun project I did. Emulates a virtual CPU we used in a lecture in the past semester. Runs with MooTools on NodeJS (just checkout the gist, rename xMooTools.js to MooTools.js and run ‘node Toy.js’. You will get some *amazing output* along the lines of ‘0001’. It is probably *a lot* easier to understand than the Game Boy CPU, so its useful to approach the article above.

Toy CPU description:

Comment by cpojer — July 24, 2010

Very nice to see such an high-tech piece of code being ported to javascript ánd have this kind of detailed explanations. Please keep publishing! I’d love to know the intricate workings of a gameboy emu (or a basic cpu on it’s own) :)

Comment by SchizoDuckie — July 25, 2010

The server seems to be down :(

Comment by Jesse — July 26, 2010 Here you have a complete HTML5 Gameboy emulator, with debugger.

Comment by sonic1980 — September 14, 2010

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