Friday, October 10th, 2008

Maintainable JavaScript videos are now available.

One month ago, the Fronteers conference in Amsterdam featured several “deep dive” talks on various web development topics. Stuart Langridge for example explained in detail what closures are and I talked about Maintainable JavaScript. The slides of my talk have been available for quite a while now and now Bachelor ICT have released the videos of the talk and an interview.

Here’s the first half of the talk on Vimeo:

Chris Heilmann: Maintainable JavaScript, part 1 from on Vimeo.

And here’s the second:

Christian Heilmann: Maintainable JavaScript, part 2 from on Vimeo.

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 7:13 pm

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Did anyone watch these videos? They were very good, and provided a wealth of information and ideas (which is saying a lot, given what most posts on this site provide). The low rating for this post is astonishing to me. Did you all not get your glassreflectionfavicongenratr fix today?

Comment by eyelidlessness — October 12, 2008

@eyelidlessness: I totally agree — I watched both of them, and enjoyed thoroughly.

How can you mod down something that suggests you shouldn’t be required to write in a particular code style, and that the repository’s post-commit hooks should do that cleanup?

Not only did it reinforce my thoughts maintainable projects and working in teams, it shared insights into how both YUI (and Dojo) helps to write this level of maintainable/professional code — teaching as a best practice for small projects and implying absolute necessity of modularization (and functional programming) in large projects.

Maybe writing fragile code provides some job security, making the items to be learned from these presentations seem like blasphemous attacks on the utility libraries who don’t have functionality for internationalization, package loading, a built in “build” process … among other things.

Come to think of it: I’ve never seen 100+ votes on any particular article on this site, good or bad. Excellent video(s) Chris. Very insightful, especially for people newer to the idea of maintainable javascript. Keep em’ coming.

Comment by phiggins — October 12, 2008

I was also surprised at the low rating. There might not be anything revolutionary in these videos, but they did contain a ton of solid, practical advice. I’ll definitely be looking into Chris’ tutorial builder, too.

Comment by kissmyawesome — October 12, 2008

I agree, the material is good (the presentation skills and the contents). I don’t think these are 252 real votes.

Comment by icoloma — October 14, 2008

Yeah I think that the rating is hacked. I liked the presentations, and I learned some stuff from it as well. I’d never seen the use of a configuration block like in his example app, but it was exactly what I needed for my work. I’ve already felt the pain of saying “oh, I need to search the related JS files and find all references to the ID and update them.” putting them all as a kind of #define’d block just never occurred to me.

Comment by jonhartmann — October 14, 2008

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