Friday, June 8th, 2007

Maintainers Wanted: Really Simple History, and Flash Storage

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Brad Neuberg has put out a plea for maintainers to take on some of his work.

He is looking for someone for:

Really Simple History

Today, RSH is used by a huge number of websites to solve Ajax bookmarking and history issues; it is also integrated into alot of other open source projects. Members from the Yahoo YUI team and the Google GWT team have told me that the BSD-licensed Really Simple History code base and techniques were instrumental in their own history libraries. RSH has been written up in online articles and books, and is now used by developers in their daily practice. Respecting the back button and creating a bookmark mechanism are now accepted practices in the Ajax industry, so I don’t need to beat that drum anymore.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to do any real work on RSH for about 1 1/2 years. Important work remains: doing better QA on Internet Explorer 7, using one of the various Safari history/bookmarking techniques that have been discovered, fixing some bugs that can occur in various edge cases, and more. My focus on Dojo Storage and Dojo Offline have not allowed me to do work on this library; I am constantly getting emails with bug fixes and inquiries, and I feel terrible that I haven’t gotten a new release out the door for awhile.

Flash-Based Client-Side Storage

Dojo Offline will no longer be dependent on the Flash Dojo Storage provider or the Firefox 2 Dojo Storage provider, and I would like to find a new maintainer for those. My preference for client-side storage is now to use Dojo Storage in conjunction with Google Gears. There are a number of startup companies that are using the Flash storage provider, however, and many users have told me they want to keep it; there are a number of enterprises that are also using it. I will port the Flash Storage Provider to the new Dojo 0.9 release that is coming out soon, but moving forward I would only like to personally maintain the GearsStorageProvider and the public Dojo Storage API. There are a number of cool performance and bug fixes that folks would like to get into the Flash Storage Provider, and this would be a great way to get your feet wet with the Dojo project.

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I just wanted to point out a few problems with the RSH framework. hopefull they will be addressed by the updaters:

* Opera 9.21 (not supported)
* Safari (not supported – known issue)
* Code is ugly, compare it with the jQuery history plugin:
* If you use Prototype 1.5.1, then you can skip the code and use Prototype’s Object.toJSON

Comment by Les — June 8, 2007

Michael Slusarz has improved and simplified RSH by using Object.toJSON and eliminating blank.html. I use Michael’s dhtmlHistory.js for FF and IE (my requirement). I just call three methods: initialize(), addListener(historyChange), and add(newLocation, historyData), and coded historyChange() as in RSH.

He’s up to v1.17:

I found out about it in comment 142 here

Comment by Bill — July 13, 2007

jquery.history wont work on inet expl 6…
it only works when each and every link gets an click(function(){… loadHistory()}) (to test just save the demo page and remove the $(a).click) code

anyone got a solution for this ?
(or is my sytstem screwed ?)


Comment by MG — October 11, 2007

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