Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Major Blummy update – blummyWiki

Category: Showcase, Utility

The always prolific Alexander Kirk has released a major update to Blummy, which we originally reported on in October. Think of Blummy as bookmarklets on steroids. The key feature of this update is blummyWiki, which adds an in page wiki available across computers and web sites (the wiki is the bottom half of the green window in the screen shot). Alex also notes some other changes:

There is now also custom color and css support. You can browse other users’ Blummys via the “Explore� link in the menu.
Furthermore Blummy is now secured by password at last (so private blummlets are quite secure now).

What I want to know is how Alexander has the time to work on Blummy, Wizlite, Band News, and finish a Masters in Comp Science? I need some of the coffee that he is drinking.

blummy wiki screen shot

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 2:10 am
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