Monday, March 19th, 2007

Make it an Ajax summer of code

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One of the programs I am pleased to be associated with at the Google open source programs office is the Google Summer of Code where Google partners with open source projects and students to create bits not burgers.

If you are a student, how about making the Ajax world (and hence the web in general) a better place by working on open source projects?

There are some great ones. For example,

  • Alex Russell has put up great advice for students and the list of project ideas looks compelling. How about being the person to write an activeX CANVAS tag? or working on Dojo Offline? or the JS Linker? or gfx 3d? or Mobile Dojo? The list goes on and on… and don’t just consider this list, what would you like to work on at Dojo.
  • SilverStripe is excited to be part of the program. Sigurd Magnusson told us that “All of the resulting work will be released open source, for everyone to use, and the point is for it to be good enough to featured back on sites like Ajaxian later in the year :)”.

But look around and see. Is there some killer Ajax work that you would love to get out in open source this summer? Maybe on a project such as: BBC, Drupal, Joomla!, Mozilla, PHP, Plone, Ruby Central, Apache, WordPress, XWiki, Zope, or any others on the list.

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John Resig is opening up some big projects within JQuery for GSOC students. I just thought it was conspicuous by its absence….

Comment by Brian Miller — March 20, 2007

i hope to see alot of joomla modules and wordpress plugins from the summer of code.

Comment by Adam Reimer — March 24, 2007

Summer of code .. followed by .. winter of discontent ..

Comment by Poker stuff — August 1, 2007

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