Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Mandelbrot Demo using a WorkerPool

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Nick Edgar started to play around with the Workerpool component and decided to build a distributed Mandelbrot generator:

A UI/administrator task would farm out work (columns in the Mandelbrot set) to different worker tasks, possibly running on different machines. As each worker sent in its result, the UI would draw the column, and respond with more work for the worker. It was a cool example, and looked cool too: due to different machines running at different speeds, you would see the results kind of shimmer in, with faster machines generating the leading edge, and slower machines trailing and filling in the blanks.

He put together a demo using Workerpool and without to compare.

After you start the simulation, click on the toggle button to see how the UI can remain responsive in the Workerpool case. Although you would be foolish to rush to use Workerpool thread for every little thing you do, it is nice to have this in the arsenal for truly long running actions.


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The Google Gear installer does not work on Windows 2000. After 10 minutes I had to kill it. What exactly is it trying to install?

Comment by No Wok — June 13, 2007

Does “interacting” just mean toggling the background color?

Comment by Kevinin — June 14, 2007

@Kevin just an example to show the script is not blocking other UI updates.

Comment by Hal — June 14, 2007

That crashed my Firefox! (I do have google gears.)

Comment by Alex K. — June 18, 2007

crashed my browser as well.

Comment by llimllib — August 26, 2008

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