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Measuring the state of Mobile Ajax Performance

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Reposted from Thesis: A thorough study on the state of Mobile Ajax Performance on devphone

Mikko Pervilä has released a thesis for his MSci at the University of Helsinki titled Performance of Ajax Applications on Mobile Devices:

This thesis evaluates the presentational capability and measures the performance of five mobile browsers on the Apple iPhone and Nokia models N95 and N800. Performance is benchmarked through user-experienced response times as measured with a stopwatch. 12 Ajax toolkit examples and 8 production-quality applications are targeted, all except one in their real environments. In total, over 1750 observations are analyzed and included in the appendix. Communication delays are not considered; the network connection type is WLAN.

Results indicate that the initial loading time of an Ajax application can often exceed 20 seconds. Content reordering may be used to partially overcome this limitation. Proper testing is the key for success: the selected browsers are capable of presenting Ajax applications if their differing implementations are overcome, perhaps using a suitable toolkit.

There is a large amount of detailed information here across several vectors.

Mobile device / platform differences

Mikko has gone into detailed testing on the Nokia 800, N95, and the iPhone. Within the N800 he tests Opera, Mozilla, and WebCore. On the N95 he tests Opera Mobile and the mini map interface.

Ajax libraries and their support

Here Mikko compared a large number of libraries:

  • Prototype
  • jQuery
  • Yahoo! UI
  • Dojo
  • Ext JS
  • Gears
  • DWR
  • MooTools
  • moo.fx
  • ASP.NET Ajax
  • Frost Ajax library

Comparing large websites on mobile phones

Here Mikko runs up against properties such as:

  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Flickr
  • myAOL

You can look through the study to see the details, but what about conclusions?

One can not yet assume that applications sup-
ported by the desktop browsers would be consequently supported by the mobile
browsers. Browser fragmentation seems to flow over to the mobile devices
with the shared code bases of the mobile and desktop user agents.

If we take a look at the grouping of grades for the various tests, you see that the browsers in question are across the map. All of them have issues, across the board.

Mobile Ajax Performance Comparison

Mikko does have this to say about the browsers:

By far, the fastest browser is Opera Mobile on the N95. This seems to be well in line with the overall worst capability in the capability evaluations. This combination seems to be indicative of ignored program directives, meaning that the browser gains speed by not executing some parts of the application code. Safari’s high number (14) of slow results is caused by the browser’s distinctive performance variation, specifically of pairwise high and low values. This phenomena has not yet been satisfactorily explained.

The two things that strike me are:

  • Mobile browsers are very different, and I hope they get closer (feels like a few years back with desktop browsers)
  • There is room for a mobile specific toolkit (or a mobile piece of a current toolkit) to help out like they did in desktop land. Frost is an early library here.

As you go through the thesis you will see a great set of graphs that show you the performance characteristics of micro elements of the Ajax experience on the phone. Thanks for the work Mikko!

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whoa! Tons of thanks to Mikko for such a thorough review. It is long overdue, thank heavens someone found the time to do this. Good to see students being so productive.
These issues have been discussed on the jQuery lists, I’ll have to add this in.

Comment by Charles — February 21, 2008

It’s really too bad that GWT was not included in the study since it’s optimal for ajax in constrained environments.

Comment by kellegous — February 22, 2008

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