Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Meatball wiki adds asynchronous updates to recent changes

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Meatball Wiki
The Meatball wiki has added ajax functionality to its RecentChanges page and the history view of diffs for a page. You can read the reasoning and some implementaton details for this at the AsynchronousAutorefresh page on Meatball:

Therefore, add asynchronous auto-refreshing to RecentChanges for those browsers that support it. Highlight new information, both graphically and in the title, to make the user’s task easier. Make minimal changes to the page to minimize the chance of disrupting the user.

Chris Purcell did the work for these changes manually using the XHR object with some help of the handy $ function. Nice work, Chris, now how about a fully live preview for editing pages? =)

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 1:53 pm
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