Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Me.dium shows off new IE 8 features

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Me.dium, the social browsing folks, have put together some examples using the new Activities and Web Slices features.

You can install their Activity if you have IE 8, or you can take a look below:

As part of Activities,
Me.dium now offers a powerful “Social Discovery” Activity from any page. Me.dium’s “Discover” Activity gives you recommendations, related to a page or selected key words, which are influenced by the real time surfing activity of all Me.dium users. Me.dium also displays a “real-time map” of user activity on the pages related to the selected text, page, or link so users can see how popular those pages are with Me.dium users in real time.

Me.dum activity

This is their XML file.

  1. <openservicedescription xmlns="">
  2.   <homepageurl></homepageurl>
  3.   <display>
  4.     <name>Discover with Me.dium</name>
  5.     <icon></icon>
  6.   </display>
  7.   <activity category="Discover">
  8.     <activityaction context="document">
  9.       <preview action="">
  10.         <parameter name="url" value="{documentUrl}"/>
  11.       </preview>
  12.       <execute action="">
  13.         <parameter name="url" value="{documentUrl}"/>
  14.       </execute>
  15.     </activityaction>
  16.     <activityaction context="selection">
  18.       <preview action="">
  19.         <parameter name="url" value="{documentUrl}"/>
  20.         <parameter name="q" value="{selection}"/>
  21.       </preview>
  22.       <execute action="">
  23.         <parameter name="url" value="{documentUrl}"/>
  24.         <parameter name="q" value="{selection}"/>
  25.       </execute>
  26.     </activityaction>
  28.     <activityaction context="link">
  29.       <preview action="">
  30.         <parameter name="url" value="{documentUrl}"/>
  31.         <parameter name="link" value="{link}"/>
  32.       </preview>
  33.       <execute action="">
  34.         <parameter name="url" value="{documentUrl}"/>
  35.         <parameter name="link" value="{link}"/>
  36.       </execute>
  38.     </activityaction>
  39.   </activity>
  40. </openservicedescription>

Are you excited about activities or any other IE 8 new features? Or are you the kind of guy that is just happen that the darn 2 connection limit is 6?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:38 pm

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Thanks for the love guys. (disclaimer: I work at Me.dium). We’re pretty amped about all the new possibilities IE8 brings to us. Like in the real world, being able to see what’s happening around you is going to make a big difference. The Activities are going to be a very cool way to quickly get implicit content recommendations and to see pages’ popularity all in real-time.

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to friend me in Me.dium. I’m brentd.

Thanks again.

Comment by brentdaily — March 5, 2008

Thanks for the write up! Just wanted to pass along this great video that demos what IE8 and Me.dium can do together. It’s only about 2 minutes but gives a cool visual of how Me.dium. Thanks again!


Comment by Jenniferlauren — October 23, 2008

how Me.dium works* (my bad, I got ahead of myself!) ;)

Comment by Jenniferlauren — October 23, 2008

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