Monday, November 6th, 2006

Meebo Update: Now more like a native app?

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Meebo Logo

Meebo made a huge splash when it came onto the scene. It was an example of a real world app inside the browser, in this case chat. From that we started to see chat everywhere :)

It also had the side benefit to proof that people would trust their passwords into a meta service like this, but that is another issue.

Meebo just had a large update that they call release XX: one giant leap.

With the pop-out feature you can see that it is hard to tell the difference between meebo and a native app.

Here is meebo and Adium side by side:

Meebo Update

What’s New

1) New visual design – Sandy and I were Photoshop newbies when we first designed meebo and we’ve been itching for an updated look. We’re thrilled to show off David’s latest work!

2) Pop outs – click on that little icon in your IM window to “pop” the window out of the main meebo browser (don’t forget to disable any pop-up blockers you have for

3) Drag and drop buddy list management – Harry A. wrote, “I’d like a way to easily consolidate and manage groups.” Mike C., Frank R., and Rafael F. agree. The ability to move buddies between groups has been our most popular feature request for a while. Enjoy!

4) Skinning – we understand a few of you might be attached to the meebo’s first look and feel. If you are feeling nostalgic, we’ve introduced the ability to switch back to the old skin – just go to the preference area and select the ‘Classic’ skin. Keep an eye out for more skins in the future.

More good stuff…

* Individual sign on and off – now you can manage your screen names one-by-one. Just click on the drop-down menu in the left-hand console area.

* Localization – In addition to Bangla, Creole, Esperanto, Iloko, Jawa, Latin, Malagasy, Marathi, Mongolian, Nias, Swiss German, Thai, Uzbek support – we’ve also translated other parts of the UI such as buttons, menus, and links. The language updates dynamically based upon your location and preference too. Thai looks really good on the new front page!

* Updated Chat Logs – Chatlogs just got a facelift. Power-users (like Sandy and Andreas) will appreciate the new design and speedier loading times.

* AIM Profiles – This has been one of the top three requests for many weeks. AIM users, check out the ‘Set Profiles’ in the console area. Mark recently got engaged, guess what he announced in his profile this week! Congrats!

* Optimization – We’re always trying to make meebo better and faster. Those of you with very large buddylists, like user rnbmelody, will appreciate the new performance enhancements.

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Explain to me how the “pop out” feature is revolutionary? Did they not use AIM express 4 years ago?

Comment by Snootz — November 6, 2006


Comment by jiajian — November 9, 2006

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I can’t use meebo at my work, so i’ve started using eBuddy like my friends.

eBuddy provides access to MSN, Yahoo and AIM. I personally think it has a better look n feel and more features. The tab chat, is pretty cool and handy!. eBuddy works great for me and has little issues.

Comment by Jason — November 21, 2006

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