Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Meebo’s Firefox Plugin

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Meebo recently released a Firefox add-on to allow them to do a little bit more in their IM product than they could in just a web page.

There seems to be another land-grab for add-on space. We have talked about Me.dium, which has a plugin to make surfing more social, and many examples.

How many of you want to use some of your horizontal space in this way? Do you really need your IM client to be part of your browser? I personally don’t need that kind of coupling, but maybe that is me.

This also ties in to Flock 1.0 getting released, and it seems very different to the older versions, and people even seem to like it.

Meebo Firefox Plugin

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:19 am

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To tell you the truth, I use nothing but meebo’s browser based IM application now (not the add-on, just I regularly use Linux/MacOS/Windows every single day, and it’s the easiest way for me to keep everything uniform and easy to use. Nothing to install, nothing to uninstall.

Comment by mdmadph — October 24, 2007

I still think chat in the browser is extremely annoying (I hate it on the network). But the amount of users that continue using Meebo and other browser chat clients is still astounding. Go them.

Comment by Dustin Diaz — October 24, 2007

Firefox extensions shouldn’t be called plugins. These two are architecturally different.

Comment by kourge — October 24, 2007

I started using it yesterday – i’m pretty happy with it. It makes leaving meebo open in one window and then surfing the web a lot easier.

Comment by Matt Ellsworth — October 25, 2007

It isn’t so much the use of space but.. well, what is the point? On a machine you can get a Firefox Extension installed you can probably get a full blown IM client installed e.g. Adium. Meebo is handy for when you are at that internet cafe that has draconian security.

Comment by Paul M. Watson — October 29, 2007

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