Friday, November 21st, 2008

Memberkit: Another Shot at VB for the Web

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Two years ago we covered JotForm, a Ajax-based web form builder. The folks behind it have been busy in the intervening time and have now released a more general tool: Memberkit.

Three years in development, Memberkit lets you

use the drag and drop tools to create listing pages, display pages or search forms. You can create multiple forms and create relationships between them… without writing any code.

While at present Memberkit targets a particular niche, it has ambitious plans.

We have released this first version specifically for membership and
social sites. Our plan is to first make it perfect for these specific
taks before turning it into a complete web framework.

The interface seems quite polished and responsive, and I like the narrow focus. You can check out a demo of the framework, view a screenshot tour, or watch a video.

What do you think? Do these VB-for-the-Web frameworks have a shot at any mainstream success?

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 8:00 am

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… without writing any code …

To me that is more or less the same as: “without conscious thought”.

If you’re not going to take the time to learn the specifics of working in a particular domain, you’re not going to produce compellling results.

Comment by MorganRoderick — November 21, 2008

Not sure how this relates to VB. Do you mean Windows Forms and the form designer in Visual Studio?

Also seems a lot like Flex Builder, or Visual WebGui.

Comment by endquote — November 21, 2008

They’re definitely using the ExtJS library to render the UI (for both the web form builder and its output).

Comment by pianoroy — November 21, 2008

i found the interface to be confusing at first, and i wasn’t sure how to actually accomplish anything.

Comment by ajaxery — November 21, 2008

MorganRoderick: Most of the people who create web sites today are not programmers. Unfortunately, they are pretty much stuck with cookie cutter scripts or widgets. I think there is a big need for flexible tools for these users. We build products for these users.

Another reality is that most of the web sites are not that complex. They are simple PHP/Mysql applications. Memberkit provides drag and drop tools to make things easier for non-programmers and starters.

pianoroy: Yes, we have used ExtJS to provide our tab based development environment. The drag and drop form builder is based on the same code we used on JotForm. It is not Ext based, it uses and prototype libraries. Please don’t judge from a single screenshot. Give it a try yourself. We have a fully functional demo.

Comment by interlogy — November 22, 2008

The authors really need to check out their site with

All the script takes a long time to load, but it could be speeded up.

Comment by ExtAnimal — December 1, 2008

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