Monday, September 21st, 2009

Microsoft and IBM Help Sponsor SVG Open

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Exciting news from the SVG world recently: both Microsoft and IBM have announced that they will be gold sponsors of the SVG Open conference this year! They join a roster of sponsors already present, including Google as the conference host.

It’s going to be really exciting to have both Microsoft and IBM at the show, which is coming up in just about two weeks at Google’s Mountain View campus in the California Bay Area.

The last year a range of great JavaScript SVG solutions have appeared, including Raphaël, Dojo GFX, Ample SDK, and the SVG Web library I’ve been working on with others. The creators of these toolkits will all be present, sharing their knowledge and info with you, including lots of other great speakers on a range of content. I’ll be going in-depth into the SVG Web toolkit myself at one of the keynotes and later talks.

Make sure to join us!

[Disclosure: I am an organizer working with others on the SVG Open conference]

Posted by Brad Neuberg at 4:30 am

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Did I really read Microsoft ?!
The best way for them to support SVG would be to implement it in their browser :/

Comment by fabienmenager — September 21, 2009

All of the mentioned libraries wouldn’t be needed if it wasn’t for Microsoft, not sure what’s so exciting about having them there. At least this way they make it seem like they are doing something.

Comment by Jadet — September 21, 2009

America, the country of second, third, fifth,…eleventieth chances. The only country where Dick Cheney can still be taken seriously on national security and Microsoft can still be taken seriously on the web. OK, I’m slightly buzzed so do forgive the non sequitur or whatever but come on…

Comment by okonomiyaki3000 — September 21, 2009

Microsoft, implement these in Internet Explorer 9:
– SVG 1.1
– SVG SMIL Animation
– SVG Filters (WebKit is behind Firefox on this one)
– SVG in CSS Backgrounds (Firefox is behind WebKit on this one)
– SVG Fonts (Firefox is behind WebKit on this one too)

Then I’ll support Internet Explorer in my next webapp.

Comment by randomrandom — September 21, 2009

Yay! Microsoft _might_ support 70% or so of SVG, and then stop – just like with html/css/javascript! /sarcasm

Comment by CaptainN — September 21, 2009


Can you be clearer about what this actually means? Seeing IBM there is a no-brainer, they’ve been great to open source for a while now. What does it really mean for Microsoft to be a sponsor of this? Have they made some kind of commitment, or statement of intent?

I remember they were a gold sponsor of ApacheCon Europe 2006, and nothing ever came of that.

Comment by sos — September 22, 2009

Incredible! For the first time I agree 100% with every single comment…

If Microsoft were to post a comment, it would be difficult for them not to agree as well.

Another plus for Microsoft will be eliminating their reliance on a proprietary Adobe plugin to provide SVG rendering in IE…

Comment by swsnow — September 22, 2009

FYI: There has been an effort to wrap Mozilla as an Active-X object.
Now this is available:


Comment by paradisaeidae — September 23, 2009

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