Friday, July 4th, 2008

Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax Road Map

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Microsoft has come out with a road map for the Ajax side of ASP.NET, which has been simplified to be just: Framework and tools in one versioned package; Ajax components will be released separately on Codeplex.

There is a bold goal at the beginning of the document (why is the doc a PDF/.doc and not just HTML!!!):

Make ASP.NET Ajax the first-class choice for all Web 2.0 developers

They are going to be catching up with richer CSS selection and DOM manipulation:


  1. $query(“”)
  2.   .addHandler(“focus”, function(e) {
  3.     Sys.Debug.trace(“focused into “ + ( || “?”));
  4.   })
  5.   .setStyle(“width”, function() {
  6.     return (document.body.clientWidth – 10) + “px”;
  7.   })
  8.   .create(Contoso.UI.RichTextBehavior, {
  9.     showToolbar: true,
  10.     fonts: [“Arial”, “Times”, “Courier”]
  11.   });

We have got some animation going on:


  1. $query(“.sprite”).animate([
  2.     new Sys.Animation.FadeIn(300),
  3.     {
  4.       “style.backgroundColor”: “#ff0000”,
  5.       “style.fontSize”: “2em”),
  6.       duration: 500
  7.     },
  8.     new Sys.Animation.FadeOut(300)
  9.   ])
  10. );

What else?

  • Accessibility
  • Drag & Drop
  • Client-side Controls and Behavior
  • Interoperability: OpenAjax hub support
  • Tooling, tooling, tooling

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One thing to note is that they pretty much have drag and drop, OpenAjax hub suppport, some CSS selector, Animation support, among other things discussed in that document. They’re all strewn about and they’ll need some consolidation and polish to become first-class. One feature they are planning on bringing back is the databinding and templating. With a little revamping they are making it more like WPF and I kinda like that. I think they scrapped it before because it was too slow, so it’ll be interesting to see if they have something that’s quicker.

Comment by tysonofyork — July 4, 2008

pointless – just use jQuery

Comment by aheckmann — July 5, 2008

“Make ASP.NET Ajax the first-class choice for all Web 2.0 developers” That’s a joke…right??

Comment by aheckmann — July 5, 2008

It isn’t a joke. They’ve got their work cut out for them though.

Comment by JChung2008 — July 6, 2008

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