Friday, August 5th, 2005

Midnight Coders release WebORB

Category: Toolkit

The Midnight Coders have released a new product enabling development and client/server connectivity for AJAX and Flash applications.

WebORB is available for both Java and .NET environments.

Release Notes

  • WebORB includes a client-side library called Rich Client System. The Rich Client System uses the AJAX approach and provides a simple one-line api to bind to and invoke any method on any .NET or Java object, XML Web Service, EJB or ColdFusion Component
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous method invocations
  • Does not require any modifications on the server-side code, no need for custom method attributes, special signatures or argument types. Does not require design-time stub generation.
  • Any server side method can be invoked synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Synchronous invocations return data from the same invocation (no callback needed). Asynchronous invocations rely on a callback.
  • Client application can request special activation modes for the server objects. As a result objects can easily become stateful without any special programming
  • Provides a special API for handling database query results – server code can return DataSets or DataTables and the client presents it as a special RecordSet JavaScript object. The object provides a way to retrieve column names as well as row data
  • Supports data paging. Client applications can retrieve data in pages and streamline user experience.
  • Supports all server-side argument types as well as return values – primitives, strings, complex types, arrays, native .net collections, remote references
  • Server objects can be secured on a per method, class, namespace/package level. Product allows custom authentication and authorization handlers
  • There are 2 editions available: Standard (free) and Professional (commercial license)

Check out the online examples.

The same application can be sent to the client via Flash, or JavaScript.

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