Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Mind42: Collaborative Mind Mapping

Category: Dojo, Showcase

Stefan Schuster has created Mind42, a collaborative mind mapping tool.

It’s a Dojo powered full JavaScript client with a Java server in the backend for providing a JSON interface. Its a full Drag and Drop enabled graphical mindmap editor including web only features like collaboration, sharing, blog integration and:

  • Text nodes with colors, icons, links, …
  • Image nodes
  • Attachment Panel for every node
  • Rich Text Notes
  • Collaboration
  • Publish a map in your blog

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Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:42 am

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Nice showcase and all but I still don’t understand why people don’t use Flex for this sort of thing. Don’t get me wrong, it looks and behaves well, but I would have tackled this development with Flex and saved a few cycles. Am I missing something?

Comment by Garth — June 6, 2007

Yes you are missing a lot.
The short answer is some people don’t like making a product which a right click on it pops up a menu about another company. What if Adobe decides to render a monkey face on the right click menu in the next release of Flash player? I really don’t care if it allows adding HTML as well, hell , could they stop people from writing HTML?! I bet they would if they could.

Avoid Flex and Apollo and SilverLight and such unless 1)You do multimedia 2) you work for them.

Comment by Bono — June 6, 2007

Hello Garth,

Several companies do use Flex for this sort of thing. Mindomo is very nice. ( and also Bubble-mind ( I haven’t tried the later yet, but both are built with Flex.

This is obviously a hot category these days for start-ups leveraging richer UI technologies :)


Comment by David — June 6, 2007

“but I still don’t understand why people don’t use Flex” – proprietary aside, not everybody knows Flex as fast as apparently you do

Comment by BillyG — June 6, 2007

There’s another Flex free one out there with a pretty cool UI and a nice features set: MindMeister ( Pure AJAX as well which I personally prefer, although it’ll be interesting to see what the Flex vs. Silverlight score is in a few months time …

Comment by Nick — June 6, 2007

Actually the credits for min42 should belong to the whole mind42 team, not only to me. I only was in luck to contribute this showcase article :)

Comment by Stefan Schuster — June 6, 2007

good work though..but the mail function seems not working

Comment by dejagothic — June 6, 2007

how good is it compare to mindomo? anybody try both of these ?

Comment by — June 7, 2007

“some people don’t like making a product which a right click on it pops up a menu about another company”… heheh.. so sinful, those people. some company was good enough to make a quality product and you’re using it for free – well, guess i’d show some respect and allow their name in the right-click-bottom-of-the-list-left-click popup. there’s so many open source projects that oblige you to mention their name when using their products in your own. fair enough….

Comment by mare — June 7, 2007

Just for everyone’s information – you can override the “right-click” menu in Flash / Flex – most people just don’t bother to do it. I respectfully disagree with the reasoning but forth by “Bono” in a previous comment.

Yes, it is true that Flex / Apollo / Silverlight do those things well, and it is also true that Flash has been overused in the past. However, if a project can utilize some of the great features in Flash / Flex specifically, why not?

And on a side note: The entire AIR (formerly Apollo) development cycle can be either of Flash / Flex or HTML / Javascript. Adobe did a great job with that one.

Comment by David Tucker — September 11, 2007

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