Friday, May 4th, 2007

Mindframe: An Adobe Spry-like Ajax Framework

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Mindframe is a new Ajax framework that builds on top of Prototype and ZParse.

Mindframe is inspired by Adobe Spry, and gives you:

  • xml dataset & simple array database
  • region binding & controlling
  • Data utility methods: sorting, filtering, selection
  • drag&drop, trade zones, data export import between regions
  • developer API for extensions


Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:13 am

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“almost” works in IE6…

Comment by Marty — May 4, 2007

How incompetent can a dev be when they take a framework made to work crossbrowser and somehow f’ that up. Come on.

Comment by idontunderstand — May 4, 2007

ie bug fixed.

Comment by Rizqi Ahmad — May 4, 2007

Very cool — and very responsive Rizqi!

I knew the IE issue couln’t be a big deal — thanks for the fix. (although the row hover is still missing)

Comment by Marty — May 4, 2007

hover is a css problem, IE6 doesn’t support :hover pseoudo-class :(

Comment by Rizqi Ahmad — May 4, 2007

True, but don’t let that stop you ;)

Comment by Marty — May 4, 2007

No dice in Safari.

Comment by Trevor — May 5, 2007

Hmm, why does it work in Swift? isn’t it based on Webkit?

Comment by Dede — May 5, 2007

There must be something wrong with the code on the first demo, because the “advanced demo” works perfectly in WebKit. The second one works but has a broken layout. Still, I’m delighted to see the benefits of Spry coming to the expanding Prototype universe, and Zparse looks awesome!

Comment by Leland Scott — May 5, 2007

Unfortunately, Safari gets no love from Apple, so all the great work that’s been done in WebKit in recent months hasn’t made it to Safari yet.

Comment by Trevor — May 5, 2007


doesn’t it mean it will works in Safari nightly build?

Comment by Rizqi Ahmad — May 6, 2007

It wont work in Safari because it ignores html comment tags instead of parsing it, so they disappear when innerHTML is called. This problem is solved by the latest Webkit.

Comment by Rizqi Ahmad — May 14, 2007

It’d be awesome if WebKit improvements ever got backported into Safari. Stupid Apple.

Comment by Trevor — May 15, 2007

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