Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Mindmeister: Take your mind map offline

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Mindmeister has taken their mind map tool and now allow you to map offline.

The tool itself is a nice Ruby on Rails application (includes pink fade effects! yellow is so 2006) that gives you a visual canvas to play with your mind.

Mindmeister Tool

Their approach to offline is similar to Google Reader in that the user has to say “hey, take me offline”. The interface to that is a nice little slider widget. At the point your maps are sync’d down to the local store.

Mindmeister Sync

I would love to see it auto sync, and I noticed a couple of issues when I actually went offline but didn’t tell the tool first (would be nice to have the tool grok that) but the mind map tool in general is a nice app to use. It feels like Geni.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:52 pm

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lol. good one

includes pink fade effects! yellow is so 2006

Mindmeister is an awesome tool to begin with. It will be cool like you mentioned here that the sync happens automatically. But once offline, you go into single minded mode, lol, no more collabration.

Comment by Simon Jia — November 7, 2007

Another tool which I really likes was It has some form of offline mode when you loose internet connection. Regardless, I prefer the structure and format of comapping as compared to existing tools

Comment by mahvish — November 8, 2007

I experienced using several online mind mapping tools such as,, and I think MindMmeister and Mindomo are good tools.

Comment by LookingSoftware — April 17, 2008

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