Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Minikit: visual effect bag

Candyscript has packaged together bits and pieces from moo.fx, nifty corners, and their own library to create Minikit:

Minikit works alone, but is transparently compatible with mochikit. What this means is that if you are using the mochikit library, minikit will use it’s features, which are superior to the more lightweight variant, which is built-in to minikit.

The reason for this design is that mochikit – while being a fantastic library – is a bit large to include on publicly facing sites. Minikit is quite small in itself, which makes it useful in said applications. On the other hand, your application may reach a size where it makes sense to include mochikit (or perhaps some packages from it), and minikit will then simply take advantage of this.

There are of course online samples of the effects/widgets:


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The “Combo” example seems like a bad idea: it looks exactly like a select list, so how is the user supposed to know that text-entry is supported?

Comment by Patrick Fitzgerald — November 1, 2006

I like the small footprint (~25k), but I had some weird behaviors with the visual effects in IE when I tried it out on an existing site. The demos run fine, so maybe it’s some CSS conflict or I’m just retarded. Seems like a good option to add a little flair w/o the weight of a bigger library, though.

Comment by Mark Guinn — November 1, 2006

Useless …

Comment by Vlad — November 1, 2006



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