Friday, December 1st, 2006

Miro: light-weight JavaScript rendering engine

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Edwin Khodabakchian and Olivier Devaux started off integrating Google Custom Search capabilities into, using the Google JavaScript tools.

They wanted to go beyond this, and tell their story in Experience #1: Miro, Ajaxlets and the Google Custom Search API which goes through various iterations of the project.

It includes a tutorial on Miro, A Light-weight Javascript Template Engine:

Miro is a light-weight template engine for applications which take advantage of Ajax. It focused only on one task: how to make it easy for developers to convert in the browser, a Javascript object or an XML DOM object into a fragment of HTML code that can later be assigned to a div using div.innerHTML. As an Ajax developer, you are forced to make these types of conversion 1) each time you want to dynamically change in the client a part of your document (example: sort a list of rows) or 2) each time you have made an async call to the server using HTTPRequest or <script…> and want to present and display the result to the user. The goal is to get rid of htmlFragment += “some <a href=\”” + var1 +”\”> which is very painful to generate and even more painful to maintain.

Miro looks similar to Apache Velocity, and comes with an ant task that will generate a JavaScript function for each template.


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Interesting approach… I would certainly like to give it a try, but I get a 404 when I try to download ant-miro.jar from the given link in the article. Thanks.

Comment by Raj — December 1, 2006

Thank you for the heads up. We fixed the broken link. You can download the ant file from:

Comment by Edwin Khodabakchian — December 2, 2006

Thanks Edwin, you must have moved onto bigger and better things after Collaxa. Good luck with devHD…

Comment by Raj — December 2, 2006

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