Monday, September 18th, 2006

Mitch Kapor Hiring

Web UI Developer-Open Source Applications Foundation

OSAF is looking for a Web UI Developer to join our team building a world class Web application for calendaring and personal information management. An ideal candidate would have deep skills in JavaScript, DOM, and CSS, and a background in Software Engineering. We’re looking for someone with a passion for building great Web applications!

* Design and develop UI elements and behaviors, services, and application logic using JavaScript/DOM/CSS.
* Push the limits of existing Web technologies to create the best possible user experiences.
* Collaborate with the design team to define application design and architecture.
* Advocate Web-app development best practices, with a focus on consistency and reuse.
* Participate in the growth of a new open source community around OSAF’s ecosystem of products.

* Bachelor’s degree and at least five years’ Web development experience or equivalent.
* Strong skills in Ajax technologies including JavaScript, XHTML, DOM, CSS, and XHR.
* Understanding of OOP and event-driven programming.
* Understanding of browser compatibility issues.
* Ability to understand and extend an existing application’s architecture and design.
* Strong architecture / software engineering skills
* Willingness to work collaboratively.
* Willingness to spend part of your time facilitating the development of an open source community.
* Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
* Excellent project management skills — self-directed and capable of working effectively in an agile environment.

Experience in the following a plus:
* Knowledge of Ajax-related technologies such as JSON, XML, XSLT, Comet, etc.
* Experience with JavaScript/Ajax toolkits such as Dojo, Prototype, MochiKit, DWR, etc.
* Experience with desktop GUI toolkits (e.g. MFC, Cocoa, GTK)
* Experience with graphics applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or GIMP.
* Knowledge of W3C and IETF standards.
* Knowledge of HCI and UI-design principles.
* Strong interest in building and participating in open source communities.
* Experience with personal information management software.

Sr. Web UI Developer – Foxmarks

Foxmarks, LLC is developing a novel, user-driven approach to finding the information that matters on the Web. Founded by industry pioneer Mitch Kapor (Lotus, EFF, Mozilla, Open Source Applications Foundation, Second Life), it combines approaches from search engines, social bookmarking services, and Wikipedia-style content collaboration.
This is a chance to work on a project which is going to make a difference in the world. We have a stimulating work environment with smart, hard-working people and a commitment to treating people well. Our SOMA offices are sunny, casual and dog-friendly, and are easy to get to from BART, Caltrain and MUNI.
We are seeking a Software Engineer to architect and implement the user-facing components of the next generation Foxmarks system. In this role, you will be responsible for a variety of components, including the Foxmarks extension for Firefox, and an AJAX-y front-end for Foxmarks’ next-generation web application.
You will play a central part in the Foxmarks product development, working with Product Management to define the product; working with the Interaction Designer to specify the details of the UI, working with other members of the Development staff to define API’s, and working with Customer Service to respond to input from customers.

* 5+ years web development experience;
* 2+ years experience with Javascript;
* Deep experience with AJAX, XHTML, DOM, CSS;
* Experience implementing consumer-focused user interfaces;
* Collaborative working style;
* Experience with XUL/developing Mozilla-based extensions a plus;
* Experience developing extensions Microsoft Internet Explorer a plus;
* Visual design skills/familiarity with visual design tools (like Illustrator, Photoshop)a plus;
* Familiarity with frameworks such as Dojo, Prototype, and Rico a plus.

Suzette Tauber
Kapor Enterprises, Inc.

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