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MkeMne:). Make Money.

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Mkemne:) is a basic German “finance 2.0” website aiming for an easy interface for users to assess the state of the market. It presents company info and you get to add your favorite companies to a persistent watchlist. It was developed by Nader Cserny of Brand Infection, who was also responsible for the UI design of several Ajax sites we have previously featured here – Blummy, BandNews, WizLite, all sites developed by Alexander Kirk. (I’ve recently worked with Nader.)

Like a lot of Ajax/Web2.0 sites these days, it uses Lazy Registration – or what Mike Arrington recently termed “Auto-Login via a browser cookie” – to build the watchlist without requiring a formal signup process. Interestingly, Nader calls it “extremely lazy registration” because there is no sign up at all, ever. And for basic personalization like a watchlist, there’s a good argument that cookies are all you need.

mkemne:) is a user-friendly stockmarket portal, currently available for the German market.

I am interested in the stockmarket since the age of 14 and until today I am horified by the existing services. Google Finance being a welcome exception. With mkemne:) I wanted to create a portal that enables everybody to access market data in a fast and easy way.


  • Reduction to the max. No 1000 links, banners, colors, etc.
  • Keep a watchlist of your stocks. Add and remove them with a simple click
  • Quickly catch the Winners/Losers of the day. A click saves your preferred indexes for the next time you visit the front page.
  • Very Lazy-Registration. Actually there is no registration :)
  • Read News about the stocks you keep in your watchlist, subscribe to your personalised RSS-Feed


  • LAMP, cURL, cron
  • moo.fx + moo.ajax
  • ezSQL
  • Snoopy
  • magpieRSS
  • FeedCreator
  • PHP/SWF Charts

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So, how does mkemne:) “make money”?

Comment by Dan — January 24, 2007

I like the “Lazy Registration,” and have seen it elsewhere (Geni comes to mind). But isn’t having “no registration” somewhat anathema to a web-based service? If it’s relying on cookies (which is what I’m assuming it’s doing), doesn’t that eliminate the option of accessing it from a different computer?

Comment by Charlie Park — January 24, 2007

The URL for BrandNews is and not .com

Comment by George — January 25, 2007

Any chance for a version for American markets?

Comment by Andrew Herron — January 25, 2007

Also, can’t say I know a whole lot about SQL injection attacks, but accessing some of the php files that are called by ajax results in raw sql errors.

Comment by Andrew Herron — January 25, 2007

Charlie, yes Lazy Registration means you can only use it on the same browser on the same computer and only until the browser crashes, you clean cookies, or 2038 comes round. The idea behind the pattern is to gradually transition users from unregistered to registered, so a good implementation will ensure the user’s settings are retained after they establish username and password, at which time they can move between computers.

George, thanks, the URL is updated.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — January 25, 2007

@Charlie. At the top you have a link called “Meine Seite” which is a link you can drag into your bookmarks, therefore access your personalised site from anywhere in the world, ex.….

I have thought about a real registration too and will maybe implement it, when there are more features requiring it. For now I like the simplicity.

Comment by Nader — January 25, 2007

I have never ever seen a such crapy bad coded website in my whole life.

Comment by Beck — January 25, 2007

That is why it’s less than beta. Any suggestions to make the coding better Beck?

Comment by Nader — January 25, 2007

They should read some basics book about php and web security. For example what sql injection is and why it’s bad to have display_errors=on on production sites …'4

Comment by s0enke — January 26, 2007

Thanks, s0enke!
I think I eliminated a couple of possible holes. Can’t do anything about the display_errors=on though.
This is the first time I have to worry about XSS, Injections, Infections, etc., so I’m sure security can be improved.

Comment by Nader — January 26, 2007

Mkemne says that all data comes from Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo! says, “Die direkte Einbindung von Yahoo! Finanzen Kursdaten ist nicht gestattet”. In my opinion it’s just a matter of time, until Yahoo will put some legal pressure on Mkemne.

Comment by Markus Thielmann — January 30, 2007

How does it work?

Comment by Shopautodotca Seocontest — June 8, 2007

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Comment by Gerard S — August 28, 2007

i guess this site doesnt get much traffic anymore

Comment by Gerard S — September 3, 2007

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Comment by daveso — September 19, 2007

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Comment by sharron — October 9, 2007

Once again. Another ingenious use of Ajax.

Comment by Learn Affiliate Marketing — October 27, 2007

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