Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Mobile Ajax Slides

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Alex Russell has posted the slides from his talk on Mobile Ajax.

In this talk he delves into the unique issues in mobile, and talks about how Ajax can help. For example, the latency issue is huge, and “Ajax is about reducing latency for application”.

I love the recommendations:

  • Wait a couple of years
  • Don’t wait any longer than that
  • Support MVNO regulation
  • Buy phones from open-platform manufacturers
  • Star tthinking about how to reduce steps to action in your app

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:17 am
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I think the most important point is the latency, and second input devices and small screen size. For the rest: bandwidth is fine, phone CPUs are getting faster, and the quality of Mozilla Minimo and Nokia Webkit is getting very close to desktop browsers.
I don’t get the point about open-platform manufacturers: most desktop AJAX users are using Windows, and I don’t see how that has harmed AJAX.
We do appreciate that Minimo and Webkit are open-source, because that means we can fix issues while we are adding support for them in the Backbase AJAX engine.

Comment by Jep Castelein — September 22, 2006

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