Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Mobile Firefox Announced

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Mike Schroepfer has announced that Mobile Firefox is coming in a big way.

When you think of a mobile browser, you may first think about Opera and WebKit, but Mozilla wants to change this. We have already seen the seeds of change as Mike points out:

You can already get a Mozilla-based browser for the Nokia N800 and Firefox is a key part of Ubuntu Mobile and the new Intel Internet Project, and most recently ARM has put serious effort towards Firefox on mobile devices.

Mike announced:

  • Mozilla will add mobile devices to the first class/tier-1 platform set for Mozilla2. This means we will make core platform decisions with mobile devices as first-class citizens.
  • We will ship a version of “Mobile Firefox” which can, among other things, run Firefox extensions on mobile devices and allow others to build rich applications via XUL.
  • Mozilla will expand its small team of full-time mobile contributors to focus on the technology and application needs of mobile devices. In particular two new folks just joined:
    • Christian Sejersen, recently the head of browsers at Openwave which has shipped over 1 billion mobile browsers, joined Mozilla Monday. He’ll be heading up the platform engineering effort and setting up a R&D center in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    • Brad Lassey just joined Mozilla from France Telecom R&D. He’s already been an active contributor to our mobile efforts and can now focus on Mozilla mobile full time.

It seems like more and more people are looking at the number of phones out there versus computers and want to jump in.

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Comment by Alex — October 10, 2007

thats a great start!
looking forward to use FF on my mibile!

Comment by — October 10, 2007

Mobile Firefox in Denmark? Opera in Norway? Trolltech’s Webkit-browser also in Norway? Nokias Webkit-browser in Finland?

Anybody else seeing a bit of a concentration of the mobile browser development in the nordic countries? Or am I just biased being a sweden living less than an hour from Copenhagen?

Well – I don’t mind at all and it’s great to see some competition in the mobile browser field :)

Comment by Pelle — October 10, 2007

I think it’s better to link to a company website than to a wikipedia entry about the company.

Comment by mike — October 10, 2007

Can’t wait!

Comment by andrija — October 10, 2007


Comment by Mike Ritchie — October 10, 2007

This is good news. Firefox is my favorite browser by far.

Comment by Leo Lipelis — October 10, 2007

What on gods green earth makes Mozilla think they can possibly cram the Fox onto a mobile system and have the thing not freeze? My 800mhz 256mb crusoe runs Fox like a dog, and albiet yes mobiles are catching up, but this sounds gratiutously overly optimistic. Compile? Sure. Load? Absotively. Be usable? Less than likely.

They must have read the announcement for ARM’s Cortex A9 and gotten ahead of themselves. I think Mozilla should just do what they always do and spend another 36 months making their browser even slower that it already is, and just wait for Moore’s law to make it irrelevant. Less effort, same results.

Comment by rektide — October 10, 2007

So YOU’re the one who bought the 800mhz 256mb crusoe!
I was wondering were it went.

Comment by Bill — October 10, 2007

Well if Opera manages to make a decent browser on DS, Wii and mobile phones, surely other companies can achieve that too. And the more good browsers the better. However Mozilla is setting the bar pretty high by expecting to support extensions, especially after the Minio debacle.

Comment by Mathieu 'p01' Henri — October 10, 2007

I wonder how this relates with the Google mobile OS initiative …


Comment by Alexandru — October 10, 2007

So whats wrong with minimo?

Comment by Matt SMith — October 11, 2007

I think if Mobile IE came out, all phones would immediately initiate a self-destruct sequence set to the Crazy Frog ringtone.

Comment by MovinVan — October 11, 2007

your wasting your time with all these browsers… .mobi is already here and every site has to be configured and get approval so they are ready for the small screen. Last week on .mobi released 100 domains which all up sold for $860,000 US over the next few months more premuim names will be released. If you want cell/mobile phone internet its well and truly here in .mobi Just go to for configured sites ready for low download/cheaper,quicker WWW surfing.

Comment by MrMobi — October 17, 2007

* 80 of the 100 names reached their reserves…for the whole list of .mobi sales….go to and see recent blog listing all confirmed sales…thats not registrations…theres more mobile/cellphones in 30 years than pc’s and landlines…cars or credit cards, over and above .mobi is the premium name TLD and people will realise this soon. .com will always be here and hold value as certian other extensions, but the fact that theres over 3,400,000,000 mobile phones and pretty much every one is www capable….IT is obvios, follow the in form in formation, IT is formatted and formulated and you will find IT all OLOGY copyleft go for IT!

Comment by MrMobi — October 17, 2007

Is there any thing wrong with minimo?

Comment by ishoppe — April 10, 2008

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